12 Fake Walmart Receipt Generators

Fake Walmart Expensive Receipt Generator

Get professional-looking Walmart receipts by using this fake Walmart receipt generator in 2024.

Use any of these free fake Walmart receipt generator and creator software available online to create your own unique expensive Walmart receipt.

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There are various invoicing choices and features available on the fake Walmart receipt maker websites.


These include invoices Invoice Generator, Express Expense, Sinisterly, NuTemplates, Custom Receipt Maker, Invoice Home, Samahope, PDF Filler, and Need Receipt.

The tools for creating these receipts are just intended for amusement and so they are not intended to be used for fraud so be careful what you do with them.


So you might want to use the fake receipt maker Walmart for many things. You might want to create some expensive Walmart receipts to prank your friends or for very funny purposes.

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One use case is, for instance, you could have misplaced or forgotten about your crucial Walmart receipt. Therefore, you must design a receipt that is comparable.

This article has got you covered and can tell you all that you should know about these Walmart receipts generators.

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These fake receipt tools may swiftly produce a false receipt for you if you want to show your friends that you bought something expensive in particular circumstances, and no one will know it isn’t real unless you tell them.

13 Fake Walmart Expensive Receipt Generator

But before that, I need to tell you about the features of the fake Walmart Receipt Generator.

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Features of a Fake Walmart Receipt Generator

A fake Walmart Expensive Receipt must have the following details clearly shown on it.

  • The Walmart store number is ST#. The cashier’s number is OP# ( aka: operator number ). The registry number is TE#. TR# is the register’s transaction identification number.
  • The TC# is contained in the barcode. An employee at Walmart will scan this barcode when you return an item within the shop.
  • When the receipt is formed, the Store Number (ST#), OP#, TE#, and TR# values are all generated at random.
  • The merchandise is listed on the Walmart receipt in the order that it was scanned at the time of purchase. The type of taxation the item got may be indicated by a letter—N, X, O, or T—to the right of the item price.

N – Non-taxable item
X indicates a taxable item.
Item for sale (nontaxable)
T = Merchandise (taxable)
H = item eligible for a Health Spending Account
F is a food item (eligible for Food Stamps)
K = manually typed entry by the cashier (did not scan properly)

13 best fake Walmart Expensive Receipt Generator

1. ExpressExpense

Express Expense has different subscription plans — Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

The Standard subscription is free and allows users to create limited receipts. The Pro subscription costs $10/year while the Enterprise subscription costs $30/year.


Express Expense accepts Euros, British Sterling, and Dollars as international currencies for its receipts.

2. Fakereipt.us

Among other fake Walmart receipt makers, Fakereipt.us stands out. It’s a fantastic tool for creating online receipts as well.

When you visit the website, you will see the specifics of the receipts on the right side. Fill out the necessary information for the receipt and click Update/Make Receipt.

Fake Walmart Expensive Receipt Generator

The fake Walmart receipt creation tool I have ever seen is better than this.

3. Need Receipt

The benefit of using Need Receipt is that it is an easy and user-friendly site to create professional fake receipts.

Fake Walmart Expensive Receipt Generator

It also has a large selection of receipt templates, so users can rapidly make fake receipts online at no cost.

4. nuTemplates

NuTemplates has various pre-created templates that users can choose from.

Walmart Receipt PDF

These templates create fake Walmart receipts that almost look like the original ones. It also has a printable authority format where users can adjust the receipt to their taste.

5. Invoice Generator

Invoice Generator is a free online fake Walmart receipt generator that enables users to quickly create realistic-looking fake receipts for their purchases.

13 Fake Walmart Expensive Receipt Generator

The user-friendly interface allows users to easily fill in the blank spaces with the required information, such as name, address, items purchased, etc.

Furthermore, users can customize their receipt by adding the logo and adjusting the currency, date and time.

6. Invoice Home

Invoice Home is another fake Walmart receipt generator website that provides various features for its users.

It offers quality and professional results and allows users to customize their invoice. Users can add their logo, currency, amount, date and time, etc. to the invoice.


It is one of the best fake Walmart Expensive Receipt Generators you can use today.

7. Custom Receipt Maker

One of the greatest tools for creating fake Walmart receipts is Custom Receipt Maker. This program makes fake Walmart receipts quickly! This platform is simple to use and navigate.

Download Fake Walmart Receipt Template

You can simply create invoices using a variety of invoice templates with Invoice Generator right from your computer browser. There is no registration required to see the numerous receipt templates.

Users may pick from a variety of templates and change them to produce false receipts. You may print or download the Receipt you made as a pdf file. The website is quick and free to use.

8. InvoiceSimple

Another incredible tool for creating Amazon receipts is InvoiceSimple. It is efficient and easy to use with no hitches.

This is one of the greatest programs for creating Walmart receipts that is free to use and has an easy-to-use layout. Making fake Walmart receipts is what InvoiceSimple excels at.

9. Sinisterly – DarkProof

Sinisterly is one of the top fake Walmart receipt maker tools available. It allows users to create fake receipts without hassles and already has various receipt templates.

To create an account, Sinisterly requires users to sign up with their date of birth, username, email address, password, and security questions.

Once you log in to your Sinisterly account, you can begin to generate your fake receipts and even save them. You can save the receipt by downloading them to your device and printing them or sending them as emails as a PDF file. Walmart receipts.

11. Invoice To Me

For anyone looking to produce fake Walmart receipts, Invoice To Me is one of the greatest free tools available. It is also a simple and user-friendly website. When you visit the Invoicetome, a fake receipt appears on the right side that may be rapidly changed as necessary by clicking on the text field.

Click the Get PDF option to save the receipt as a PDF file after adding details to it. I don’t like that you have to sign up in order to save the fake receipt as a PDF file, which is something I don’t enjoy at all.

12. PDF Filler

PDF Filler is an online fake Walmart receipt generator that enables users to quickly create personalized receipts with just a few clicks.

The tool allows users to upload an existing PDF file and edit it according to their needs. Additionally, users can also add additional fields to their receipts, such as the logo or date stamp, or even insert their own images and graphics.

Since PDF filler is free and simple to use, there is no cost to use it. You may pick from a variety of templates on the website to design a customized receipt.

13. Samahope

One of the greatest tools for creating fake Walmart receipts is Samahope.

fake receipt maker walmart

Although you may use this application to create unique receipts for any of your companies, it primarily functions as a target receipt generator.

With a large selection of receipt templates, you can rapidly make receipts online. You may quickly design and make your own fake receipt with Samahope. Without a doubt, Samahope is a simple-to-use program that enables you to quickly produce fictitious

Blank Walmart receipt template

A blank Walmart receipt template does not contain any item purchased but only has the logo and other features of a receipt.

They lack some of these feature from a legitimately look Walmart receipt like: the cashier’s number, transaction identification number, Store Number or the Items for sale.

They often serve as a free template to guide you in case you just want a receipt without any items on it.

What is a Walmart Receipt?

A Walmart receipt is an official document issued by a Walmart store that contains a list of the items purchased, along with their prices and tax information. The receipt also includes the store name, address, and a unique transaction number. It can be used for returns, exchanges, and other purposes.

It is important to note that using a fake Walmart receipt generator could have legal consequences if it is used to commit fraud or any other criminal activity. Additionally, some generator tools may require a paid subscription in order to unlock features and for added security.

How to make a fake Walmart Receipt Generator

  1. To make the fake Walmart Receipt, select the Walmart receipt template from the collection of templates for receipts.
  2. Next, fill up the receipt-generating input page with the details of the purchase and the retailer. Use the tool to add itemized items to the receipt.
  3. Then you have to add a Walmart logo on the receipt(the logo can be downloaded online or from your phone’s camera)
  4. Finally, select “Make Receipt” to see the Walmart receipt that has been generated. The receipt may be downloaded or sent to your device depending on the method you select.

Will walmart take back an expensive item without a receipt?

No, Walmart does not take back expensive items without a receipt. If you have more proof about making the payments from your bank or credit card you can present it as proof and have the transaction number checked by Walmart.

If the transaction number is verified by walmart, they may be able to take back the expensive items with no receipt.

Can you fake a Walmart receipt?

Yes, you can fake a Walmart receipt. All you have to do is to first, select the Walmart receipt template from the collection of templates for receipts on the site you intend to use.

After that type in all the relevant items and the cost attached to them. From here you can now add the Walmart logo to make it appear very professional to victims.

You should now have a copy of the fake Walmart receipt downloaded on your device for use.

Is it illegal to make a fake receipt

Yes, it is illegal to make fake receipts for whatever reasons.

Making a fake receipt is punishable by law and there are many individuals who have been fined by the courts for issuing or handling fake receipts.

Often these people are sked to pay some huge fines instead of being sentenced to imprisonment with hard labour for such a crime.

Where can I make a fake receipt?

You can make a fake receipt from any of these online platforms:

Express Expense, Fakereipt.us, Need Receipt, NuTemplates, Custom Receipt Maker, Invoice Home, Sinisterly, Invoice To Me, Samahope.

They have the best fake receipts makers for many purposes and instances which come at a very little cost and hard to tell if it is fake.

Download Fake Walmart Receipt Template in Excel, Word or PDF

Do not forget to always download the fake Walmart Receipt Template in Excel, Word, or PDF formats and save it.

Forgetting to do this would make your work unsaved and you might lose what you have spent doing it. People mostly use the PDF formats since that is very easy to check after creation and editing them is very.


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