Acorn insurance login portal latest details

Acorn insurance login portal latest details

Acorn insurance login portal latest details you should know before using the service.

This article does not only the details you need to know about Acorn Insurance but also the steps needed to login, reviews, and some other details about the insurance company.

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What is acorn insurance?

Acorn was established in 1980, it is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authorities to conduct general insurance bookings and is a member of the British Insurance Brokers Association.


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Time is short and life is busy so let them make things easier for you. Get a quick quote online or if you prefer to have a quick call phone call, continue with it and let them help you.

How to acess the Acorn insurance sign in page

  1. Visit the URL of Acorn’s homepage
  2. Click login in the top right footer of the webpage.
  3. Type in your username and password on the next page
  4. Click login to complete the login process

People have been asking the following questions about the Acorn insurance login portal and you need to read them to know the right answers.

Acorn car insurance login

Acorn Insurance search the leading insurers then help you compare their cost and benefits to find the best car insurance for your needs at the best price.

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Their car insurance would give you access to their specialist car insurance and the insurance offers.

Specialist Car Insurance means you only pay for the insurance you actually need and do not end up wasting money on the extra money you may not necessarily want.

Permanent and Temporal change of Vehicle, Additional Drivers (Temporary and Permanent), Letters of Indemnity, Letters of Named Driving Experience and Guidance.

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Who are Acorn insurance?

Acorn Insurance is UK owned insurance broker based in the United Kingdom. They are experts when it comes to finding you a perfect car, home, or health insurance. It is an Auto Insurance Agency working from England.

Acorn insurance contact number

Their contact number is +44 1704 339000 but they also have other customer service numbers you can call.

Their email is

Acorn Insurance has qualified workers who take the time to understand each and every customer’s unique insurance needs and circumstances which helps them to provide clients with a premium level of service.

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Their UK-based call center team of insurance experts are always happy to answer questions and queries, as well as to assist clients if they are not 100% satisfied with their policy. That is why their customers continue to rate them highly for their standard of service.

Acorn is 100% committed to providing all their client with a consistently high level of client satisfaction by providing their own customer care and claims to look after you throughout the year for all queries.

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How to contact acorn insurance

Before you contact them make sure to have the following details in hand.

  • Your personal details
  • Your policy/claim details
  • What has gone wrong

Acorn insurance customer service number -Car insurance

If you have issues with your car insurance and you want to contact them for any inquiries call them on 0330 107 0540.

Acorn insurance customer service number -Taxi insurance

If you have issues with your Taxi insurance and you want to contact them for any inquiries call them on 0330 331 0716.

Acorn insurance customer service number -Home insurance

If you have issues with your home insurance and you want to contact them for any inquiries call them on 0330 331 0747.

At Acorn Insurance they search for the leading home insurers and then help you compare their cost and benefits to find the best home insurance for your needs at the best price.

Acorn insurance customer service number -Motor trade insurance

If you have issues with your motor trade insurance and you want to contact them for any inquiries call them on 0330 107 0544.

Acorn insurance customer service number -Van Insurance

If you have issues with your Van insurance and you want to contact them for any inquiries call them on 0330 107 0542.

Who underwrites acorn insurance?

As a specialist, all their policies are underwritten by leading insurers, including Haven, Axa, Brit, Groupama, Aria, Assistance Faraday, and others.

Acorn Insurance has over 40 years of experience helping people secure the right taxi, car, van, motor trade, and home insurance all across the UK.

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Is acorn insurance a broker

Yes, acorn insurance is a broker. They operate as Acorn Insurance and Financial Services Limited legally in UK with the Company number 01636368.

What time does acorn insurance close?

Acorn Insurance closing time is 5 pm.

It opens at 9:30 am and closes at 5 pm.

Does acorn insurance have an app?

Yes, Acorn Insurance has an app.

Acorn Insurance has a great working app for servicing customers and clients. Their dedicated app gives you 24 hours access to your policy, so you can make changes whenever you need to.

Acorn insurance office locations

Liverpool Office (Headquarters)- The Lighthouse, 98 Liverpool Road, Formby.

London – East Office -69-73 Ben Jonson Road, Stepney Green, London

Manchester Office- Cariocca Business Park, Ardwick, Manchester

Birmingham Office- 84 St Mary’s Row, Moseley, Birmingham

Leeds Office- 50 Town Street, Armley, Leeds.

London –West Office- 2 Byron Parade, Uxbridge Road, Hillingdon, Middlesex

London –Crystal Palace Office- 100 Anerley Road, Crystal Palace, London

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Acorn insurance and financial services limited Liverpool

In Liverpool, you can find the head office of the insurance company at The Lighthouse, 98 Liverpool Road, Formby, Merseyside L37 6BS


Click here for the direction to the headquarters in Liverpool.

Below is an image of the building.


Acorn insurance near me

If you are in Birmingham, Leeds, Hillingdon, Crystal Palace, Ardwick, Stepney Green, or in Liverpool then there is an Acorn insurance office near you.

Acorn insurance reviews

These reviews are from some customers who had used their services.

  1. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. MIGHT BE CHEAP BUT CHEAP IS AWEFUL. Shame I can’t put 0 stars. They use granite finance as their finance company. Google them they have 1 star reviews and for good reason. Please please please if you know what’s good for yourself do not use this company. You will have nothing but trouble. Their employees lie and they refuse to help you when you need it. They’re out for personal gain and will tell you a payment date then try to take the payment 2 days earlier than agreed and then charge you £25 late payment fees. They will cancel your policy with out notifying you and expect you to pay new deposits. 3 times this has happened with them now. Awful company I hope to never have a business that runs this way and I will be learning from their downfalls. August, 2022
  2. I was gutted leaving Acorn Insurance, as I had business insurance with them for a very competitive price , but I’ve stopped trading and sold my vehicle . There are just 2 things which I require from a insurance company and they are :
    1- To be hassle free
    2 – to be responsive if I have any questions . And they did both brilliant. Can’t give anything else but 5 stars . I’m recommending them to anyone as they are brilliant . Can’t go wrong .September 26, 2022
  3. Additional premium added after driving licence checked, threatened with cancellation of policy if this was not paid within 10 days, despite covering all driving licence details with them at the quoting stage. I would not have gone with them if they had been clear about the likelihood of an extra £45 after you’ve already committed to the policy. Cancellation fees would apply if you did not pay the additional premium… bad customer service this as either way its costing extra. Quite difficult to communicate with them, they do not continue an email conversation, if you even get a reply at all! June, 2022
  4. Absolute disgrace of an insurance company, I am a new driver, been driving for around 7 months and they’ve had thousands off me!!! Been completely ripped off, threatened to cancel my insurance around 3 times, texting me saying it was my mileage and then sending emails saying I was “speeding”. I then paid to increase my mileage, received a price on the phone then got sent 2 other emails increasing the price I’d been told. I’m then being accused of going over my miles again apparently doing 1600 miles in one month!!! Customer service is awful I can never get through to them on the phone and when you do you get passed around to six different people before resolving your issue. Not that it helps as another problem appears not long after anyway. Disgusted at the amount of money they’ve had off me, funny how they’ll take the months payment off you for your insurance but cancel it days later and then you apparently owe them MORE on top of it!!! The amount of problems with money I’ve had as a young new driver because of this company is vile. They’ll cancel your insurance but send you no indication it’s been cancelled or a valid reason. It would’ve been cheaper spending more somewhere else at first then staying with these for as long as I have. If your thinking about getting insured with these, my advice would be DONT BOTHER!! July, 2022
  5. Today, I spoke to a lady who was fully up to date with all the information that I required.
    She was polite,helpful and friendly.
    She also made sure that she honoured my previous price quote.
    I was left extremely happy 😊 with the final outcome and results.Thank you Acorn for having such a wonderful staff member. September 23, 2022
  6. Even not worth 1 star! NEVER, USE THIS INSURANCE COMPANY! So poor customer service, I’ve never seen. I had insurance with different companies, but this one is the worst one. They cancelled the policy just in 1 day, so I had no chance to check everything, and then they still asking me to pay the outstanding balance, i had only 3 months with them, so now I need to lose more than 1K to pay their sh.. services. Always just throwing me to the different departments. They are sending emails, but I cant reply to them, asthis company havent got any email adresses. Annoying staff, terrible services! June, 2022

Acorn insurance rating

Acorn insurance has a very bad rating due to their customer support. Many customers have given them a rating of about 40%.

Is acorn a good insurance company?

Yes, acorn insurance is a good company. They abide by all the rules as an insurance company in the UK.

Many customer shave complained of them having very horrible customer support via email.

How good are acorn insurance?

They are good but not very good to a few of their old customers.

Acorn Insurance sometimes receives help from Quest Automotive Commercial to grow their business through greater visibility of their risk exposure. The Insurance provides solutions nationwide, providing a number of competitive products including private car insurance, convicted driver insurance, and more.

Acorn Insurance is able to offer a wide range of insurance policies, tailored to the client. Their team of highly experienced insurance experts are on hand to help find an insurance policy that is right.

Does acorn insurance automatically renew?

No, your insurance does not renew automatically.

If your insurance lapses, immediately inform your insurance company or Acorn Insurance. In Acorn, you can renew your expired policy during the period of 90 days from the day of expiry.

You just have to post or send your details of the expiry to their office where you would be required to purchase a new policy.

Acorn insurance policy documents

Acorn Insurance also specializes in Private and Public motor hire insurance, both for businesses and individuals.

They are able to offer highly competitive terms of service. The knowledge of the insurance of Arcon is second to none and their experience in handling insurance for thousands of people enables them to provide advice that can be trusted. It also means, the client can benefit from the access to unveil financial strength, business efficiencies and buying power for major insurance overseas when required.

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At Acorn Insurance, they will help you find the best health insurance plan to suit you and your family’s needs right now and always.

Acorn allows you to pay premiums in monthly installments and recommends the appropriate insurer to match the risks. They provide prompt servicing of your general insurance needs to ensure you are adequately informed of issues that may affect your business. Lastly, they only recommend financially secure and stable insurers.

Acorn insurance terms and conditions

Their terms and condition states that you may be entitled to compensation from the
scheme if they cannot meet their obligations. This depends on the type of business and the circumstances of the claim.

Acorn insurance refund

Please refer to your policy summary or your policy document for further details.

If the refund provided by the insurer is insufficient to cover our charges you will be required to pay the balance to us.

Where applicable, all refunds will be processed to the same debit/credit card that was used to make payment on the policy. If you were paying for your premium on direct debit, any refund will be offset against any outstanding direct debit payments and any shortfall will become payable by you.

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If you are paying on direct debit, your insurer may pay your claim settlement to the finance house to discharge any sums owed to them.

If you have had any fault or open claims on our insurance policy there is no refund of premium so this means that you will be liable for the full premium, even if you decide to cancel the policy and/or your policy is cancelled for non-payment.

If you take out a new policy with us and make a payment towards this new policy but have a previous policy with us that has an outstanding balance we reserve the right to transfer any money paid on the new policy to cover the debt outstanding on your previous policy. If you are a commercial customer, any rights to cancellation will be detailed in your policy.

In the event of cancellation of a policy that is issued for a period of fewer than 6 months, there is no return premium from the insurer when outside the Cooling off period (if applicable), with the exception of a learner driver policy, subject to the insurer terms and conditions.

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You may cancel your pay monthly policy at any time during the calendar month, however, there will be no refund of the premium.

If you wish to cancel your policy cancel we require notice 7 days prior to your next payment due date to enable us to cancel your continuous payment authority, to avoid your insurance policy rolling over to the following calendar month.

How to cancel acorn insurance

If you are a consumer, and your policy is for a duration of 31 days or more, you have the right to cancel your policy within the “cooling off period” which is 14 days of when you purchase your policy, or when you receive your policy documents, whichever is the later.

For a renewed policy, this is within 14 days of your renewal date.

We consider Taxis, Commercial Vehicles, and Motor Trade policies to be Commercial business and as a result, no statutory right to cancel (cooling off period) applies.

Provided your policy is for a duration of 31 days or more and you have not incurred any claims during that period the insurer will pay a pro-rata refund of the premium.

In addition, we will keep an amount that reflects the administrative costs of arranging and canceling the policy.

Details of these amounts are given in our Fees and Charges below.

If you wish to cancel outside of the statutory cancellation period of 14 days (where this applies) provided you have not incurred any claims during the period you may receive a pro rata refund of the premium.

In addition, we will also keep an amount that reflects the administrative costs of arranging and cancelling the policy. If the refund provided by the insurer is insufficient to cover our charges you will be required to pay the balance to us.

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