Attorneys in Johannesburg right now

Attorneys in Johannesburg

Attorneys in Johannesburg right now for you to consult if you have any legal problems.

The terms attorney and lawyer are often used interchangeably in the United States. There is very little distinction made between the two. This difficulty to differentiate is a result of the fact that in the United States, unlike in other countries, this distinction is not made.

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If you find yourself in need of an attorney in Johannesburg, make sure they have the expertise to handle your unique situation.

Can Pretoria Attorneys appear in Johannesburg magistrate’s court?

Yes but that might not be the cause always. Attorneys need not introduce themselves in the Magistrates chambers. Introductions can be done in court. No member of the public may enter a Magistrates office.

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Magistrates are usually attorneys with an extensive amount of family law experience, who are appointed by the Circuit Court for the county in which they are located.

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Courts appoint magistrates so that they can take testimony from parties and conclude the main issues present in a case and submit findings of fact to a judge for final approval.

Can Pretoria Attorneys appear in Johannesburg magistrates court?

Yes but that might not be the cause always. Attorneys need not introduce themselves in the Magistrates chambers. Introductions can be done in court. No member of the public may enter a Magistrates’s office.

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Where to get the power of Attorney in Johannesburg?

You can get the power of Attorney from the principal.

The Power of Attorney needs to be signed by the principal, giving the agent authority to act on his/her behalf.

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List of Attorneys in Johannesburg :Lawyers in Johannesburg

  1. Burger Huyser Litigation Attorney

  • 011 888 0246 / 064 500 8210

2. Fasken

  • +27 11 586 6067

3.T Maseko Attorneys – Johannesburg

  • (011) 805 5415
  • Maxwell Office Park
  • Ground Floor, Mac Mac Building 4
  • Magwa Crescent
  • Waterfall City
  • P O Box 508 Halfway House 1685

4. Wollnik and Associates Incorporated (Randburg)

5.Wright Rose-Innes (Johannesburg)

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