Capfin loans right now very fast and easy loans for you

Capfin loans right now

Capfin loans right now very fast and easy loans for you at your disposal to be used at any time.

Capfin SA (Pty) Ltd is a registered credit provider, NCRCP11812. Your loan application is subject to an affordability assessment and Capfin’s Credit Policy. SMS charged at standard rates. Terms and Conditions apply.

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Capfin loans was created in 2010 with the goal of providing low-cost lending products and services to clients. With pleasant service and prudent financing, we’ve continued to surpass our clients’ expectations since then. We continue to try to create a good influence on our clients’ activities, having grown from a three-person start-up team to over 1000 employees working together.

Capfin’s success may be attributed to its excellent corporate culture. The company takes pride in its ability to comprehend and respond to the demands of its clients, who are the lifeblood of the company.

It takes pride in what it does, pays close attention to detail, and is constantly striving to improve. They consistently assist each other grow in order to create remarkable outcomes.

How capfin loan works

Capfin has partnered with PEP and Ackermans store to provide eligible south Africans with loans.

It provides loans of up to R50 000 with up to 12-month payback durations. Its products are available through a variety of retail outlets, including PEP and Ackermans, as well as secure online and mobile platforms.

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Capfin asked customers to share why they took a personal loan with the financial service provider in the past. Some of the insights gained that informed this campaign include:

Capfin customers’ behaviour is centred on doing things, rather than not doing things. While some customers have more resources than others who are adept at making a little go a long way, a common theme is that they act imaginatively and effectively through making plans, whether it be in ambitious or difficult situations, or somewhere between the two. They aren’t simply making better use of the resources at hand, but using their smarts as a resource.

Customers feel more empowered in their daily lives, relaxed and confident, as well as respected within their communities when they bring their smart plans to life. They have many plans up their sleeves to achieve their goals and are grateful when they can rely on Capfin to back their plans, if necessary.

Registered office:

1 Industrie Street
Kuils River
Cape Town
South Africa


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Capfin loan contact number

The contact number for a loan is 087 354 0000 or call 0873540033.

Phone or USSD: *120*5566#

Is capfin loans legit?

Does capfin loan have interest?


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