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Capitec Bank is a South African retail bank. As of August 2017, the bank was the second-largest retail bank in South Africa.


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This article contains Capitec branch code Universal.

The branch code of a bank branch helps in distinguishing one branch from another. It is available on the bank’s website, printed on checkbooks and pass-books.

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Capitec bank branch code

The Capitec bank branch code Universal is 470 010.

Use the Capitec bank branch code along with other important details to identify the receiver, and also the sender.

What is Capitec branch code?

The Capitec Branch code is 470 010.

A branch code can be seen on a bank’s website, printed on checkbooks and passbooks.

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What is the branch code for Capitec bank?

The branch code for Capitec bank is 470 010.

bank code is a code assigned by a central bank, a bank supervisory body, or a Bankers Association in a country to all its licensed member banks or financial institutions. The rules vary to a great extent between the countries. Also, the name of bank codes varies. In some countries like South Africa, the Capitec branch code Universal as well as others can be viewed over the internet.

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The (national) bank codes differ from the international Bank Identifier Code (BIC/ISO 9362, a normalized code – also known as Business Identifier Code, Bank International Code, and SWIFT code). Those countries which use International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN) have mostly integrated the bank code into the prefix of specifying IBAN account numbers. The bank codes also differ from the Bank card code (CSC).

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The term “bank code” is sometimes (inappropriately) used by merchants to refer to the Card Security Code printed on the back of a credit card.

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What is Capitec bank branch code?

The Capitec bank branch code is 470 010.

A bank code is used to send and receive payments for deposits using financial institution systems and networks. Types of bank codes used vary for some transaction types and domestic vs international payments transactions according to Tipalti.

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Capitec branch code pretoria

Capitec branch code Pretoria is 470010.

Do not make the mistake of typing in a different Capitec branch code under no circumstances.

Capitec universal branch code

The capitec universal branch code for all of the Capitec branches listed below is still 470010.

Have a look at the Capitec branch name and code below

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  1. Bedfordview Park MeadowsShop 11 Park Meadows Centre, 0 Allum Road, Johannesburg
  2. PleinShop 2 Education Centre, #25 Plein Street, Johannesburg
  3. Centurion Lifestyle CentreShop F2, Centurion Lifestyle Centre 80 Old Johannesburg Road
  4. EloffShop 3 Diamond Corner Building, 68 Eloff Street, Johannesburg
  5. Pritchard#90 To 98 Pritchard Street Shop 20 Schreiner Chambers, 90 Pritchard Street, Johannesburg
  6. FoxShop 12 13 And 14 Ground Floor Colosseum, 41 Kruis Street, Johannesburg
  7. Cosmo City MallShop 46 Cosmo City Mall, Dennilton South Africa Drive, Johannesburg
  8. Rissik80 B, 80 Rissik Street, Johannesburg
  9. Hillbrow ElkamShop 1 Elkam Building, #37 Pretoria Street, Johannesburg
  10. RosettenvilleRosettenville, 214 Mable Road, Johannesburg Capitec branch code Universal
  11. Ghandi SquareShop 2 And 5 And 6 Marshalltown Ghandi Square, 15 New South Street, Johannesburg
  12. Station EastShop E9 Eastern Concourse, Dalpark Brakpan, 2 Rissik Street, Johannesburg
  13. HarrisonShop 1 Ground Floor, 28 Harrison Street, Johannesburg
  14. The GlenShop M45 The Glen Shopping Centre Oakdene, Orphen Road, Johannesburg
  15. Balfour 133Shop 133 Balfour Park Shopping Centre, #125 Athol Street, Johannesburg
  16. Station WestShop M13 Johannesburg Park Station, 98 Rissik Street, Johannesburg
  17. BraamfonteinDevonshire House, No 49 Jorissen Street, Johannesburg
  18. IndustriaStand 35 Industria, 31 Maraisburg Road, Johannesburg
  19. Bramley No 587 Louis Botha Avenue, Johannesburg
  20. Wits CampusShop 14 The Matrix Building Wits University Campus, 0A Yale Road, Johannesburg
  21. KerkShop 6B Edgars City, 31 Kerk Street, Johannesburg
  22. Bree No 202 Bree Street, Esikhaleni, Johannesburg
  23. YeovilleShop 2, 53 Raleigh Street, Johannesburg
  24. MalvernShop #1-2 Absa Building, 583 Jules Street, Johannesburg
  25. Campus SquareShop 58 Campus Square, 29 Kingsway Avenue, Johannesburg
  26. Market No 101 Market Street, Johannesburg
  27. Carlton CentreShop 139A And 140 Carlton Centre, 150 Commissioner Street, Johannesburg
  28. Morning GlenGallow Manor, 9 Bowling Street, Johannesburg
  29. Columbine SquareShop 11 Columbine Square, 88 Swartgoud Street, Johannesburg
  30. Newtown shop No 109 Newtown Quarter, Miriam Makeba Street, Johannesburg
  31. CrestaCresta Corner Centre Cresta, Erf259 Pendoring Road, Johannesburg
  32. NorwoodShop 4 Norwood Mall Norwood, 3 Sarie Marais Road, Johannesburg
  33. BrixtonShop No 48-49 And 50 Protea Shopping Centre Brixton

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SA Universal Branch Codes latest

ABSA – 632005

African Bank – 430000

Bidvest – 462005

Capitec – 470010

First National Bank – 250655

Investec – 580105

Meeg Bank – 471001

Nedbank – 198765

Postbank – 460005

Standard Bank – 051001

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People who read about Capitec branch code Universal also ask

What is Capitec bank universal branch code?

The Capitec bank universal branch code is 470 010.

Do all Capitec branches have the same code?

Yes, all CApitec branches have the same code. This helps in easy identification and transaction between customers and non-customers alike.

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About Capitec bank

Capitec Bank is a South African retail bank. As of August 2017, the bank was the second largest retail bank in South Africa, based on the number of customers, with 120,000 customers opening new accounts per month.

News about Capitec bank

On 7 August the customers of Capitec Bank South Africa were unable to use any of the bank’s digital services, including its mobile app, internet banking services, and USSD services from the morning hours of Thursday last week until around Saturday morning when the bank issued a statement that its services were restored.

Capitec Bank is one of the largest and most popular financial services providers in the country, and its online banking app has among the most users of any similar app in South Africa with over 7.5-million active users.

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The bank reports that all of Capitec’s digital channels are now operational, and payments to and from its clients that were postponed owing to the interruptions have finally been handled. According to Capitec, any banking expenses incurred as a result of the outage will be reimbursed.

Customers responded negatively to the disruptions in a big way, notably on social media. After its digital services were restored, Capitec apologized, regretting that it wasn’t “the quality of service we intend to give” and vowing to improve moving forward.

In 2021, Capitec encountered a similar outage as users complained that they couldn’t access the mobile banking app. However, this disruption was significantly brief, and activities resumed quite fast.

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