How Chat gpt essay cheating actually works and what you can do

How Chat gpt essay cheating actually works and what you can do

How the Chat gpt essay cheating actually works and what we think can be done about it.

Chat GPT is an innovative language model developed by OpenAI, designed to generate human-like language in response to natural language prompts.

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Well, it turns out that some sneaky students are using this cutting-edge technology to cheat on their essays! That’s right, Chat GPT can generate entire essays on any topic, making it the ultimate cheating tool.


Before jumping into the cheating aspect you need to, first of all, read how to use chat gpt to write an essay very fast.


But don’t worry, we’ve got the scoop on how it works and what you can do to protect yourself from getting caught. So grab your popcorn and get ready for some scandalous details.

Faster and easier than you probably thought.

Experts say artificial intelligence chatbots like ChatGPT are changing the way students are taught and study.

Through an internet browser, anyone may communicate with ChatGPT. ChatGPT reacts to queries or orders you enter (to almost anything). After only five days of availability, 1 million users had registered.

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The claim is that ChatGPT can program, explain, and debate effectively and like a person.

How Chat gpt can be used in essay competitions to cheat

Before the existence of AI tools like Chat GPT, essay cheats were not very common but now that is not the same. People can spend very little time to churn out a huge number of essays on what eve topics you can think about.

And they are all good but sometimes these essays lack the flexibility of an essay written by a human.

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Chat gpt can be used in essay competitions to cheat

This is because, before a human starts to write an essay he or she organizes their thoughts and plan an outcome.

To overcome writing an article that is solely dependent on chatgpt, you should know what your outcome is before starting an essay. It can be about the solution or cause or anything you want to talk about.


Knowing that can guide your prompts and outline of the essay.

When you sit down to write an essay, it’s important to know what you want to say. This way, you can make sure that everything you write fits together and supports your main idea.

Let’s say you want to write about why it’s important to recycle. Your main idea might be “Recycling helps protect the environment.” To make sure your essay supports this idea, you should think about what you want to say before you start writing.

Here’s an example of how you use Chat gpt to achieve that. Ask Chat GPT to:

  1. Start with an introduction that introduces the topic and your main idea.

  2. Write a paragraph about how recycling reduces waste and conserves resources.

  3. Write another paragraph about how recycling helps protect wildlife and their habitats.

  4. Write a final paragraph about how everyone can do their part by recycling at home and school.

By thinking about what you want to say before you start writing, you’ll be able to create a well-organized essay that makes a strong argument for why recycling is important.

So, before you start writing your next essay, take a few minutes to think about what you want to say, and you’ll be well on your way to writing a great piece!

Limitations to Chat GPT essays

Instances where people used chat gpt to write an essay cheating in an exam.

On January 14, 2023, it was reported that Darren Hick, a professor of philosophy at Furman University, and Antony Aumann, a professor of religious studies and philosophy at Northern Michigan University, both claimed to have discovered their students submitting essays that had been authored using ChatGPT.
They said that a few warning signs made them aware of the usage of AI.

Professors claim it might be challenging to show if students don’t admit to using the program.

Both teachers claimed that after confronting their pupils, every single one of them finally admitted to the transgression. Aumann let his pupils start again on their essays after Hick’s student failed the class.

The academics were made aware of the usage of AI by a few warning signs in the writings.

Also on January 27, 2023,Prof Aditi Chaturvedi from the Department of Philosophy at Azim Premji University revealed that “We have caught quite a few assignments submitted using ChatGPT in the recent past. I have been submitting plagiarism reports already. There are several discussions happening amongst the faculty and with the students also on the use of this AI-powered tool to write assignments,”


All you have to do is to learn more about the essay topic, then verify it, and write about it in your own words.

Learning about a new topic can be exciting and fun, especially with the help of ChatGPT.

  1. Ask questions: Start by asking the AI anything you want to know about the essay topic.
  2. Take notes: Write down the important information I share with you.
  3. Verify the information: Use additional resources like books, websites, or reliable sources to make sure the information is accurate.

By using these steps, you’ll have a solid understanding of the topic and can write an essay with confidence.

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