Eskom prepaid meter problems and fixes found so far

Eskom prepaid meter problems
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Eskom prepaid meter problems and fixes found so far on the internet.

These Eskom prepaid meter problems were found on various social media sites and other forums available on the internet.

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I hope this article solves and enlightens you on some of these problems.

What is Eskom?

Eskom is one of the most prevalent electricity public utilities in South Africa. One of the most frequent challenges facing users is offline systems, which are often slow and intermittent, especially when running backup systems. Luckily customers can access all the services through leading Eskom outlets when such occurs.

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It was established in 1923 as the Electricity Supply Commission (ESCOM) and also known by its Afrikaans name Elektrisiteitsvoorsieningskommissie (EVKOM), by the South African government and people of the Republic of South Africa in terms of the Electricity Act (1922).

The power utility said on 25 August 2021, that the current meter software will expire in 2024, with the initial phase of the upgrade project set to begin in Gauteng from 1 September but that is not the problem.

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The main problem is any meter not updated by 2024 will not upload prepaid tokens and will leave customers without electricity supply.

Major Eskom prepaid meter problems

  1. Error 30 – Technical error on your meter. It is mostly solved by unplugging the keypad and plugging it into a different power outlet socket that is closer to the main distribution board.Unplug all the appliances near the keypad. Payday loans for blacklisted no paperwork South Africa
  2. Been on hold for the past 5 minutes which is costing me money
  3. DDDD: This is a duplication error that implies your token has already been used and therefore no longer valid.
  4. SAD face – probably means it is just finger trouble in typing the token number – please retry
  5. Blocked prepaid meter If you receive one of the following error messages on your meter interface, then it is likely that your meter is blocked.
  6. Eskom meter box blackout

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Prepaid electricity problems

Some complaints that may be related to the Eskom prepaid meter problems

  1. But winteveld was power cut at 16:30 before 17:00 eskom you guys no no I think south Africa must toy toy now this is to much every day
  2. Eskom be realistic honest since ever the load reduction started wev been using this schedule now things has change we know our self as group G nd we wer expecting load reduction on tuesday at 5 nd the didnt go so today we wake up with no electricity nd we expecting the electricity to go on the 20th if thrz a change of thngs we will like to be informed coz now we ar leaving an unexpected life of dark
  3. At mabopane thrz no longer load reduction how special ar they for them to get cancelled for if thngs are like this we rather experience load shedding coz we know everything feels the pain

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