Fake coinbase screenshots you should know

Fake coinbase screenshots you should know

Fake coinbase screenshots you should know so that you do not fall a victim to any similar scams.

A fake coinbase screenshot can be sued for many malicious activities and in this article we are going to uncover all the ways that they are done and how to be protected from such scams in the near future.

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But before we go ahead to look at what a fake coinbase screenshot is, let us take some time to look at what Coinbase is about and how it works.

What is Coinbase and does Coinbase work?

We might all have heard of Coinbase but legally, Coinbase Global, Inc., branded Coinbase, is an American publicly traded company that operates a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Coinbase is a distributed company; all employees operate via remote work and the company lacks a physical headquarters.

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Coinbase is built for convenient, easy trading.

One of the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges available today is Coinbase.

Cash is protected in FDIC-secured accounts, your bank account may be securely connected to and used to trade cryptocurrencies, and suspicious accounts are blocked to protect user privacy. There are more than 120 distinct kinds of cryptocurrencies on Coinbase, albeit not all of them are supported.

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Coinbase just like every other works just like every other cryptocurrency exchange platform but is more secured.

Since we know what Coinbase is and how Coinbase works, we can go ahead to look at how the fake coinbase screenshot scam started.

Screenshot of bitcoin wallet

The acceptance of screenshot of bitcoin wallets as payment proof by some online legitimate firms brought about the fake Coinbase screenshot by some people who wanted to cheat the system.

Scammers may have a chance since reputable businesses may accept screenshots as payment evidence for customer convenience and processing speed, among other reasons. Scammers use them to mislead customers into sending them money by posing as a real bank or other financial institution and asking for wire transfers of money into their accounts.

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A typical screenshot of bitcoin wallet can be seen below.


Payment proof fake coinbase screenshot

In the digital era and century we live in, there are applications for everything. Whatever you choose to call it—blessings or curses—everything has a purpose. You may use Google to look for both good and bad applications. Photoshop is among the worst instances of such software that are being used for payment proof fake coinbase screenshot.

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Although a bitcoin transaction can be faked, people who use the payment proof fake coinbase screenshot are able to present a fake transaction of bitcoin.

As the app gains in popularity and new payment options are introduced, fake coinbase screenshot producers are becoming more and more widespread. Due to the fact that it shows the information from the screen, it is frequently used as evidence of successful payment. Following a transaction, a large number of stores ask to see a picture of a successful payment. The practice of using screenshots to confirm successful payments is expanding, even among family and friends.

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A typical payment proof fake coinbase screenshot can be seen below.

Screenshot of bitcoin wallet

Tips to stay protected from Coinbase scams

  • Multifactor authentication can be enabled by changing your security settings.It was designed to strengthen the login process’ security measures and protect your accounts. It indicates that users must successfully complete a verification process in order to access accounts. MFA employs more than the two areas of validation that are typically utilized for most accounts to confirm users’ identities.
  • Register for your the coinbase SMS or email alerts. This would allow you to receive real-time notifications for key events on your accounts.It will notify you of withdrawals and deposits that is associated with your account.
  • Don’t use public WiFi to access banking websites.
  • Phishing calls and emails should be avoided. Phishing is a type of fraud in which a scammer uses email or other forms of contact to pose as a reliable organization or individual. Scammers will send you emails or texts to coerce you into divulging your personal information. Even if the message asking for information seems authentic, never send critical information through email or social media.

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Fake coinbase screenshot generator

Bitcoin cannot be counterfeit due to the features of its system, making it difficult for someone to carry out a double spending scam. Or, to put it another way, a fraudulent activity is when a person tries to produce two or more transactions from a single transaction.


Applications for cryptocurrencies that are fake are made to imitate real apps as closely as possible.

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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency; you may access its blockchain at https://blockchain. info/. This will display the Bitcoin TxID, exchange, or wallet address, allowing you to keep track of your transactions. You will see a summary of the transaction in addition to the quantity of confirmations it has received.

Features of a fake coinbase screenshot generator

The paragraphs can help you to easily identify fake apps like the fake coinbase screenshot generator.

When you enter your coinbase login information into a certain unauthorized program like the one we are talking about, you are essentially opening the door for the thief to enter and make off with anything he finds. The majority of us aren’t even aware of the degree of risk involved.

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Let us keep in mind that your bank accounts and credit or debit cards are connected to your Coinbase wallet. If someone gains access to your virtual wallet, they can quickly get your bank details and steal your hard-earned money. This can lead to a worrying circumstance.

The following are ways to spot some of these apps.

  • Spelling, icons, and description

Fake applications will attempt to create an icon that resembles, or at least is similar to, the icon of the original application. Real applications will be created by reputable firms and should seem professional, whereas fake ones typically have low-quality or badly designed icons. This frequently occurs with games that copy popular franchises like Angry Birds.

  • Application permissions

These permissions are used maliciously by fake applications to access your data. Your “calling history, private messages, location, camera, microphone,” and other information are accessible thanks to these rights. It is true that these permissions have the potential to be abused but they are not always harmful.

Although a portion of an app will not function if you opt to deny permission when it needs something it cannot access without it. This might have a little impact on the remainder of the app or it could have a major impact and prevent the app from functioning.

  • The number of downloads

It’s probably a scam if it displays a recent date yet has a large number of downloads. This is due to the fact that trustworthy apps with many downloads have existed on the Play Store for a very long period.

Despite the security safeguards in place, cybercriminals may still distribute bogus programs through official app stores. A cybercriminal may download a legal program, register themselves as a developer on any app store, and then replace it with harmful code. They may then submit their phony software to the app store.

  • Confirming authenticity by contacting support

You can also contact the customer support of Coinbase anytime you come over an app related to COinbase that you are not sure of. The Coinbase customer support representative can easily tell you if the coinbase app you are planning on downloading is fake or a legitimate one from them.

Also, they would also send a notice to warn others about a fake coinbase app if you report any of them, to prevent other innocent people from falling victims to these scams.

If you are on android you may also try to do this

  1. Open the Google Play Store app
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Under “About,” check if your device is Play Protect certified
  • Google the name of the fake app developer

To learn more about the fake developer, simply Google their name. This will enable you to determine their credibility. The developer name of a fake app may occasionally be the same as that of its legitimate ones, with one or two letters modified to trick users into thinking they are the genuine deal. Pay particular attention to the specifics, especially if there are additional causes for suspicion.

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Crypto wallet screenshot

A crypto wallet is a place where you can securely keep your crypto and there are many different types of crypto wallets available than there was years back. The crypto wallets contain a public key (the wallet address) and your private keys needed to sign cryptocurrency transactions.

Below is a Crypto wallet screenshot found online.

Crypto wallet screenshot

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