Finbond loans for sassa : 3 facts you should know

Finbond loans for sassa

Finbond loans for Sassa : 3 facts you should know before going for the loan.

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What is Finbond loans for sassa?

Finbond Loans offer financing of up to R20,000 to those who apply. Flexible repayment options of up to 24 months are available on these loans. These loans have set interest rates for the duration of the loan.

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You’ll be able to plan and manage your budget and cash flow more effectively as a result of this. This is because you’ll know exactly how much money you’ll be repaying each month, and you won’t have to worry about market rates fluctuating.

The 3 facts you should know

  1. In 2005, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) was created. They are a non-profit organization that distributes humanitarian grants to the neediest South Africans on behalf of the Department of Social Development.
  2. Finbond focuses on savings and offers personal loans.
  3. Pay back the loan in 24 months at the lowest available interest rate. Low-income earners make up the majority of Finbond credit customers, who are frequently disregarded by South Africa’s big banks.

Finbond loans online application

Apply for Finbond loans online from R500 to R20 000 within flexible repayment terms and get to repay the loan in 24 months at the most affordable interest rate.

The loan is Safe and Quick and also no security is needed(unsecured loan)

Note that getting approved for a secured loan can be easier than getting an unsecured loan like Finbond loans because secured loans pose a less financial risk for lenders. Since they require collateral, they typically have more competitive interest rates than unsecured loans.

How to apply for Finbond loans online

Visit the site and fill out the details and just wait for a few hours.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for Finbond loans for SASSA, you must have the following information:

  • You will need 3 months of payslips
  • You must have a certified copy of your smart ID card
  • You must have a 3 months bank statement of your account
  • You must have a Proof of residential address

Finbond loans contact

SMS “mybank” to 30635 for credit or account applications. (SMSs cost R 1.00)


086 000 4249 or 012 460 7288Email:

Finbond loans for blacklisted people

Finbond loans for blacklisted people is often used by people who have previously had their credit profile added to credit bureaus like TransUnion.

If you are blacklisted you can still get a loan but it depends on how bad your credit score is.


Finbond loans for sassa is available for everyone. If you want to get the loan to continue reading the paragraphs below.


Whenever you borrow money for private reasons, you must of course pay back the sum that you’ve been lent. When you take out a loan, if you are late with your repayment, or fail to repay the debt, the lender (bank, insurance company, finance company, etc.) informs others that you are unable to payback loans which impacts the amount they may give you thenext time you want a loan.

Blacklisting has a long history but in modern times it is often a tool used by governments to make economic sanctions effective by publicly listing people, organizations, and nations that should be avoided.

Disadvantages of Finbond loans for blacklisted people

1. You might lose personal possessions if you fail to pay back. Most bank loans are backed by your personal possessions or business assets in case you can’t pay back the loan. This is called “collateral.” When you get a loan from a bank or some other type of financial institution, it is either secured or unsecured. When you borrow money without putting up anything to back the loan, this is called a “unsecured loan.”

With a secured loan, you can put up something of significant value as collateral in case you can’t pay back the loan. If you can’t pay back the loan, the lender can take possession of the asset you put up as collateral. This makes the risk for you, the borrower, bigger, but it makes the risk for the lender smaller. For this reason, you need to own something before you can borrow it.

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2. Loan covenant agreement or terms and conditions might restrict your business from using the money for other purposes. Larger loans come with a loan covenant which is just a part of the loan agreement that tells the borrower what to do or what not to do. A borrower must do or agree to certain things during the duration of the loan.

These are called “affirmative” or “positive” covenants. With restrictive or negative loan covenants, the borrower is limited in what they can do. Most of the time, these limits depend on how risky the borrower is. Most restrictive or negative covenants have to do with how the money will be paid back, how it will be used as collateral, and whether or not the borrower can get money from another lender.

3. If you want to pay back the loan before the end of the loan term, you may have to pay a fee, especially if the interest rate on the loan is fixed. These fees also add up to the cost of the loans and make the repayment another problem after taking it.

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4. In case you run a business with a loan and your customers do not pay you on time, you will have cash flow problems which might affect your monthly payments and that might bring serious repercussions to the business. This happens to business owners who give out a lot of credit to their customers with the hope of them paying for the items or services at a later that.

Since businesses do not add interest to the credit they give to customers who enjoy these credit facilities paying back the money at a later date reduces the value of the money.

Unsecured loans

A loan that’s unsecured is one that you don’t need collateral, like a car or savings account, to get. Instead, a lender considers your credit score, existing debts, income and other factors about you on a personal loan application.

There are several types of unsecured loans to choose from. However, the most popular options are personal loans, student loans, and credit cards.

About Finbond

Finbond Mutual Bank specializes in providing a comprehensive range of investment, savings, and credit solutions.
The vision of the bank is to be the leading Mutual and Savings bank in South Africa, improving the quality of life of our clients through their participation in saving together, growing together, and ownership of their own community bank.

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