FNB black card 2022 latest details

FNB black card

FNB black card 2022 latest details for you.

If you want some details about the black card from FNB, this article should be very useful to you.

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FNB offers transactional accounts that are tailored to your specific requirements whether you want to invest, borrow, or do anything else and the Fnb lifestyle is one of them.


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First National Bank replaced its gold value bank account bundle with a rebranded offering and a swanky black card for middle-income customers – as it competes with peers to claim a bigger market share of this segment.

The FirstRand-owned bank announced its fees on 01 June 2021, while at the same time unveiling a new value proposition for the middle-income group, one of the biggest customer segments for banks.

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What does a black FNB card mean?

The FNB black card is also called the fnb black business card. It is a card designed primarily for persons who earn more than R750,000 per year. High-net-worth individuals are the most likely to use this sort of card. The name of the card may simply be deduced from the color (black).

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Although Capitec was the first to have such bank cards in South Africa – all of its clients, no matter their income, can receive a black Global One card but the black card boasts of many advantages like black card users is that they have access to a credit facility of about R300,000.

How it works

The black card works like any other card issued by FNB but with some huge customer benefits. It is solely for persons who earn more than R750,000 per year.

Customers who use the card get the following benefits:

  1. Get up to R20,000.00 in free cash deposits each month.
  2. Pay and clear for free, as well as make payments and transfers, airtime purchases, debit orders, card purchases, and card replacements.
  3. You will be granted admission to the slow lounge.
  4. When you travel, be sure you have full coverage.
  5. You can also get free statements, balance inquiries, and transfers between connected accounts.
  6. Transfers between accounts throughout the world are free.
  7. When you use eBucks to pay for Uber meals, you’ll get 15% back.
  8. On FNB’s life insurance, you may get up to 40% back in ebucks.
  9. Can apply for a credit card for private wealth
  10. Every month, you’ll get 500MB, 60 minutes, and 60 SMS.
  11. You’ll be able to make limitless card withdrawals.

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  1. Additional fees apply to managing debit orders, making payments at the branch, and making deposits.
  2. Every time a purchase is denied, extremely large fees are accrued.
  3. You must pay R69 in overdraft fees.
  4. When utilizing it, you will incur greater costs for transactions between connected bank accounts.
  5. You will be charged extra for deposits, debit order administration, and payments made in-branch in addition to the monthly cost.

Fnb black card monthly charges

First National Bank charges their black card users a monthly services fee of R248. 00 per month.

The charges on the black card from FNB is one of the cheapest we have seen in the country.

FNB black card contact details

Telephone: 087 575 4727



Fnb black card requirements South Africa

  1. Be an existing FNB customer to be able to apply for the black card.
  2. You must earn a minimum of R1,500,000.00 per annum in gross income
  3. Also one must own assets worth R15,000,000.00 or more
  4. The bank wants a minimum deposit of R15,000 and an annual membership fee of more than R600.
  5. For a minimum of three months, you must have at least R750,000 in your premium account.
  6. An official letter from your local government council and a copy of your recent power utility bill.
  7. FNB will function as the sponsor, thus a firm with a solid history with them is also essential.

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Who qualifies for Fnb black card

To qualify for the card you need to be an existing FNB customer to be able to apply for the black card and you must earn a minimum of R1,500,000.00 per annum in gross income. After which you can check out How to get a black card FNB on our page.

It is imperative to check your credit score before applying for the FNB black credit card.

Why is my FNB card black?

Your FNB card is black because you are on the fnb black business card plan. The  black card typically provides the user with access to a credit facility of R20,000.00 in free cash deposits each month.

Fnb cards types

Have a look at the types of FNB cards.

  • Aspire-Annual income of R84 000 – R449 999
  • Premier-Annual income of R240 000 – R849 999
  • Private Clients-Annual income of R750 000 – R1 799 999
  • Private Wealth-Annual income of R1.8m or more
  • Petro Card-Annual income of R84 000 or more

Fnb silver card

The fnb silver card is a premium metal card that has tap functionality and is robust and long-lasting. It uses short-range wireless technology to make secure payments between a contactless chip card or payment-enabled mobile/wearable device and a contactless-enabled checkout terminal.

When you tap your card or device near the Contactless Symbol, your payment is sent for authorization. Be among the first to acquire this metal card that is eco-friendly and provides a variety of financial perks.

Fnb silver card requirements

  1. Be an existing FNB customer to be able to apply for the black card.

FNB Premier card

The charges for the premier card are as follows

Fee Description Fee in South African Rands (ZAR)
Monthly Bank Charge R219.00
Credit facility service fee R17.00
Credit Card monthly account fee R75.00
Linked petro card fee R29.50
Monthly overdraft service fee R69.00
Electronic payments Free
Debit orders Free

Benefits of the FNB Premier card

  1. Earn up to 15% back in eBucks when you shop at Checkers & Shoprite
  2. (Exclusive to Engen) Earn up to R4 back per litre for fuel in eBucks
  3. Full transaction capabilities like salary deposits and ATM withdrawals.
  4. The ability to use the credit card abroad.
  5. No interest for the first thirty days on any purchases made using the card.
  6. One card that connects your transaction account and credit facility.


  1. Be an existing FNB customer
  2. A south African with an ID proof
  3. You must earn a minimum of R 300,000.00  – 749,000.00 per annum in gross income

FNB Private wealth card

The FNB Private Wealth Credit Card is available for earners of an annual income above R1.8 million or people with a net asset value over R15 million.

According to FNB, the card itself is metal, making it more resilient, durable and environmentally friendly. The main draw of this card is the exclusive eBucks lifestyle benefits that come with it, up to 55 days’ interest-free purchases and personalised interest rates.

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