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Fowlers car finance

In case you are looking for a second-hand car in the U.K. to purchase, look no further. This is an opportunity for you to grab. Why go through all this stress that’s making you so worried in your quest to drive a very good and affordable used car of your own?

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Fowlers Finance is a used car dealer based in Stoke on Trent where their aim is to help you drive away with a second-hand car that suits your needs both practically and financially. They offer some of the most competitive deals on used cars around the UK and across a variety of car brands. These used cars are in very good condition and you can drive it for so many years.

How does Fowlers Finance work

They are the leaders in the subprime car finance market. They can obtain vehicle finance no matter what your credit history is. All you need is to contact them for assistance. They have very excellent customer service and delivery as you wish. Fowlers Finance they have a reputation for quality customer service. This is because not only do they have extensive knowledge of used cars, but they also have many years of experience in selling the right car to the customer. 


To be able to use Fowlers Finance, you must be in the U.K and aged 18 years at least. The company is not biased toward its customers.


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The technologies that are used by Fowlers are: Eyeota, YouTube, Neustar AdAdvisor, UK Fast Hosting

Nature of business (SIC)

  • 45112 – Sale of used cars and light motor vehicles
  • 64929 – Other credit granting not elsewhere classified
  • 64999 – Financial intermediation not elsewhere classified

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Fowlers Finance headquarters

For more information on their used cars or services browse through their website or call them today on 01782 959407. Don’t delay, contact one of the team today to arrange a test drive.

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Headquarters address: Clayton Ln, Stoke-on-Trent, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 6PQ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1782 940215


Fowlers car finance stoke reviews

In my personal, I believe Fowlers car finance has had a very bad reputation online. There are many posts that detail how badly their customers were treated. I would advise any interested person to look deep into their activities before signing up.

Below are some comments I found on some online forums that spoke about Fowlers car finance stoke.

  1. Fowler’s finance Timothy Fowler aka colour car sales!! Got someone to be a director for it and now he’ll take the fall instead of tim Fowler! What an absolute coward that joke of a person is!!!!! Hopefully you will all get your revenge just like me! Bur he’ll get another director and change the name
  2. There trading as a few names now, they sold me a car that should never of been on the road, I also found a crack pipe and loads of white powder in the glove box, I’ve spent thousands on the car (yes I’m an idiot) they tried turning up and taking the car , but because I had my parents car I went to reverse off my drive to put it behind mine stopping them, they rammed straight into my parents car trying to stop me!! Then they rang the police to stop having a bat put round there heads!!! Even there own staff are saying how bad the cars are!!! Someone one day will loose there life in a car because of them set of wankers!!! Once my case is sorted with the ombudman they will be getting the car back but it’ll be getting drove straight throw there head office
  3. Absolutely atrocious 3 faulty cars in a year all returned and they refuse to give me my 1500 deposit back said I was to blame what a load of crap this company is awful avoid them like the plague I’m in the process of court proceedings. If I could give them zero stars I would!
  4. Yes I have used them. The car I got from fowler’s was shit and the head gasket went after 9months. I had to voluntary terminate contract and give them car back as I couldn’t afford to pay over £1000 to fix car. I now owe them £4k. Very unhelpful
  5. This disgusting company took a large deposit from myself and promised me a BMW of my dreams. Within a week the car had 4 major faults which I reported to them. I requested a refund and since then they’ve been avoiding my calls, texts and emails. Fowlers are the worst company I have ever come across. Legal action will be taken.
  6. Staff abused, customers are scum they suggest and the staff don’t care as long as they get their money. Interest rates are an interesting subject and who ever looks after the company should look into this. Their rates are very high and unfair in my opinion. Cars are not even owned when sold to a customer and rushed to be be at where the customer is pushed to get to when the company tells them to collect. Who owns the company is a question Rogue Traders asked on BBC Watchdog. As a sales person the hours are terrible and it is frowned upon if you want a life. Staff have no HR process just bullyboy ways that is lead from the top, or is it the top or another???
  7. Your payments will be high.. they did do a credit check on me but it wasn’t too in depth. Seriously don’t get a car from fowlers. See if go car credit use any other companies.
  8. I bouught a car from his company and my only wish is that I would have read more reviews before buying a car. – I was sold a car that looked great – but gave nothing but issues after having for just 3 days… There was a loud banging rubbing noise. I called the company who then advised me to go to a local garage and have the car inspected. So off I went to local garage – The wheel was not fitted correctly and as advised by local garage if I would have gone 3 more miles it would have been detrimental!!! Called back the company and no one could give a damn that I had driven this car and had my children in it.. I was then advised to get the car repaired and would be reimbursed…. Surprise surprise the job came to £360 and they had the cheek to tell me it was only a £100 job.. and that’s all they could refund. When called back no one answered the number or my messages – Then wrote a complaint letter almost 2 weeks ago,,, again no reply or acknowledgement. I call everyday and leave message…. now feeling like I am a nuisance. I am not going to stop fighting for what is right.!!! Funny before I bought the car the amount of calls I received and sweet talk into buying the car… No I cannot get in touch with anyone.???? I will be taking this further… Small Claims court … all the way… Disgusting company… Please please be warned steer clear of them…
  9. Absolutely atrocious 3 faulty cars in a year all returned and they refuse to give me my 1500 deposit back said I was to blame what a load of crap this company is awful avoid them like the plague I’m in the process of court proceedings. If I could give them zero stars I would!
  10. took them 5 month to collect my car. Im not giving up. I will fight the fuckers all the way.

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