Granadilla insurance right now

Granadilla insurance

Granadilla insurance right now for you.

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So I came across the term, Granadilla insurance while going through my files and decided to go read about it but hey, I have a full article on it.


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What is Granadilla insurance?

Granadilla is underwritten by Bryte Insurance Company Limited, a licensed insurer and an authorized FSP (17703).

Granadilla, which launched in September 2017, is one of the few South African insurtech firms that focuses on people who don’t always have home insurance, such as students or low-income folks, or who have unique devices that aren’t often covered by standard policies.

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The firm, which now offers gadget, travel, and jewelry insurance, thinks that its exceptional customer service sets it apart from the competitors.

How does Granadilla insurance work?

Their site says Traditional insurance is a hassle; we get that. That’s why we started Granadilla – the most flexible insurance out there.
We do things differently. We don’t bundle the insurance you want with a bunch of other stuff you’ll never use.  Made especially for those with swag and street smarts

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With Granadilla’s app-based insurance everything is D-I-Y, giving you full control over what was once a process shrouded in hidden terms and conditions. Signing up to Granadilla Insurance is so easy, you can get covered by the time you finish reading this article. No paperwork, no fuss.

Granadilla insurance contact number

011 370 9566


Granadilla insurance reviews: Granadilla insurance hello peter

  • On Saturday the 10 April, my laptop got stolen, I informed what supposed to be 3 easy-peasy steps, that is a not all true, I sent my claim 14 April, they requested supporting documents on the 15 April 2021, on the 16 April 2021 they told me that they will let me know when the claim has been finalised, then they said nothing for 4 days, on the 22 April I followed up, then they said the claim amount was paid into my account on the 21 April and should reflect within 48 hours…AND THEN THERE WAS NOTHING…NOTHING…NO MONEY IN MY ACCOUNT… the worst thing is since i have lost over 5 clients, R28 000 in clients refund and R15 000 worth of monthly income because of your empty promises. I am furious.
  • They have had a debit order issue in the past but they let me know about it and debited again. Now this month they couldn’t debut for whatever reason. They didn’t let me know but instead chose to point to a section on their contract (5.2) which gives them a right to cancel anytime. Meaning I lose all premiums I’ve paid for over a year. I posted my issue on Twitter and a few other customers who experienced the same problem. It is unfair dodgy and quite scammy.
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  • My Microsoft Surface Pro 6’s keyboard suffered severe water damage and is non-functional. I have submitted my claim request, but my repair quotes keep on being rejected. The generic call centre agents “Amy” is not helpful when it comes to recommending where to find a repair shop that will actually assess a Microsoft Surface Pro 6’s keyboard (which is a sealed unit – cannot be opened nor repaired, logically it can only be replaced. A quick Google can confirm this) and has pointed me to WeFixComputers which fail to answer any telephone calls, respond to emails, and “open tickets” on their web portal (for reference: The poor business process demands a repair quote on an item that cannot be repaired and thus they want a report stating that, but apparently Incredible Connection is not even a “reputable repair”. There are very limited options in South Africa when it comes to Microsoft Surface products. As for Granadilla, as soon as this dreadful, prolonged experience is over, I will terminate my agreement with them and switch to Pineapple or King Price. Future clients with Microsoft products – STAY AWAY!
  • Submitted a claim on the 10th February, on the 12 February I recieve a call that my replacement watch is available in stock . Literally 48 hrs turn around! Best thing I was able to monitor the progress of my claim on the app, all was someone the app. Customer responses are swift and fast. I really cannot rate this service more enough . Keep it up guys . If there is anywhere I can put this review do let me know I will gladly do so . Indeed the process was easy like Sunday morning, 5 star rating is not even enough

  • The best insurance ever..

Granadilla insurance app

In the second quarter of 2019, the start-up had a 454 percent growth in user numbers and a 111 percent increase in insurance plans sold.

Granadilla insurance app has a feature that allows new customers to choose a future policy start date, which the business claims is popular with new consumers.

granadilla insurance

granadilla insurance contact number

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granadilla insurance reviews

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granadilla insurance app

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