Guaranteed loans no matter what south africa fast

Guaranteed loans no matter what south africa

Guaranteed loans no matter what south africa fast for personal use.

Nowadays, getting Guaranteed loans no matter what south africa is very difficult.

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A no-credit-check loan is a type of loan that typically doesn’t require a hard FICO score credit check from the applicant.


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Mainstream financial institutions have strict eligibility requirements, making it more difficult for people with weak credit to apply.

Lenders frequently perceive people with weak credit to be high risk. This is usually due to the possibility of not being able to return the loan charges.

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The lenders below can help you with a loan.

1. Easy payday loans

They provide short-term loans that serve as quick cash to meet emergency expenses.

Getting an easy payday loan is easy, check it out here Easy pay sassa loans online: 3 things to note

Loan from nirafinance Consumers that need short-term loans might use them to manage their financial flow. If you want a short-term cash loan, Nira Finance can assist you. Their application for a personal loan is quick and uncomplicated.

The minimum requirement to get Easy Payday Loans

  • Age – 18 Years or Above
  • South African Citizen
  • Must have a Bank Account
  • Have a Permanent Employment

2. Direct Axis personal loans

Direct Axis Personal Loans is a South African credit facility lending firm that provides rapid access to loans of up to R300 000 with no documentation, paperwork, or collateral.

Apply via their online form or call the DirectAxis call center at 0861 02 03 04, Monday to Sunday, 8am – 8pm or you can SMS your name, surname, and ID number to 43885.

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Direct Axis Personal loans requirement

  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 65 and a permanent SA resident
  • Be permanently employed
  • Your salary must be paid directly into your bank account
  • Your last payslip, or proof of income
  • Proof of home address (up to 3 months old)
  • 3 months’ bank statements

3. Wonga loans

Wonga loans also known as Wonga, is a former British payday loan firm that was founded in 2006. The company focused on offering Short term loans from R500 – R4000, high-cost loans to customers via online applications, and began processing its first loans in 2007.

Minimum requirement to get Wonga Loans

  • Age – 18 Years or Above and a South African Citizen
  • Must have a Bank Account

How to apply for Wonga Loans

  • Step One: Fill in application form
  • Step Two: Once loan is approved, the money will be paid directly to you.

4. Lime loans

The loans from lime loans or lime 24 loans can be used for any purpose you intend to use them for.

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Lime24 SA is an online credit provider. They provide Same-Day credit from R300 to R5400. Application is simple, quick, and paperless with flexible terms.

Lime Loans South Africa (Pty) Ltd, incorporated in the Republic of South Africa with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission under registration number 2015/239349/07 and the National Credit Regulator under registration number NCRCP8077, is the owner of the Lime24 online service.

Lime 24 loans requirement

  • The customer must have a South African Identity Document
  • An active South African bank account
  • A cellphone with a South African number.
  • Latest 3 months bank statements showing your income

5. Moneyline loans

Getting a Moneyline loan is not an easy task and also comes with a lot of interest rates.

Money line can provide loans without affordability checks very easily without many questions but be careful about the terms.

Eligibility criteria for Moneyline loans

  • ID copy
  • 3 months’ bank statements
  • Most recent payslip

6. Ayoba loans

Personal loans from Ayoba feature simple payback terms and no security is needed so whether you are blacklisted or not blacklisted on ITC the loan is good for you. When you need a loan or other kind of financing the most, Ayoba loans are a quick, flexible financial option that can help.

How to apply for Ayoba Loans

  • Step One: Fill in the online application form.
  • Step Two: Upload all the documents.
  • Step Two: Once loan is approved, the money will be paid directly to your account.

Ayoba loans minimum requirement

  • South African citizen with a green bar coded ID
  • A bank account against which adebit order can be loaded.
  • Earn a minimum monthly salary of R3 000 per month.
  • Not under debt review

7. Nira Finance loans

All you need to do is fIll out the nirafinance quick online form to get approved for a fast cash loan in just 3 minutes.

Nirafinance’s interest rates will vary from 1.50% to 2.25% per month and are directly dependant on your credit score; the higher your score, the lower your interest rate

Nirafinance loans requirements

  • Valid email address and cellphone number
  • Latest 3 Months Bank Statements
  • South African green barcoded ID or smart card

8. Fasta loans

Established in 2007, Fasta (Pty) Ltd offers financial assistance digitally. The company offers instant credits. The company operates under the rules laid down by the National Credit Act (NCA), registered under the registration number, NCRCP10591.

Check out Fasta loans application


Fasta provides you with an online application process that takes less than five minutes. They’re a registered financial services provider that welcomes all South Africans to apply for a really quick payout when they need it the most!

Fasta loans requirements

  • Age – 18 Years or Above
  • South African Citizen
  • Must have a Bank Account
  • Have a Permanent Employment

9. Quickfin

Quickfin Nationwide will send you an SMS once you’ve finished and submitted the application procedure, informing you if your loan application has been granted or denied. Quickfin will deposit the loan amount into your personal bank account or Visa debit card if your application is approved.

Eligibility criteria for Quickfin loans

  • ID copy
  • 3 months’ bank statements
  • Most recent payslip

10. Finbond loans

Apply for Finbond loans online from R500 to R20 000 within flexible repayment terms and get to repay the loan in 24 months at the most affordable interest rate.

The loan is Safe and Quick and also no security is needed(unsecured loan).

Finbond does not provide loans without affordability checks but they have some of the most flexible terms for you to follow.

Note that getting approved for a secured loan can be easier than getting an unsecured loan like Finbond loans because secured loans pose a less financial risk for lenders. Since they require collateral, they typically have more competitive interest rates than unsecured loans.

To apply, visit the site and fill out the details and just wait for a few hours.

Eligibility criteria for Finbond loans

To be eligible for Finbond loans, you must have the following information:

  • You will need 3 months of payslips
  • You must have a certified copy of your smart ID card
  • You must have a 3 months bank statement of your account
  • You must have Proof of residential address

11. Chainpay loans

Chainpay helps you get a loan by submitting an application on your behalf to their network of lenders, who are all NCR-registered.

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The chainpay loans are up to R150,000.00 and comes 12 months is the minimum loan term. a maximum of 60 months for a loan with up to AP38%.

If your application is accepted, an electronic fund transfer will be used to pay you the loan amount you are eligible for and that you requested.

The minimum requirement to get Chainpay loans

  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 65
  • Be a permanent SA resident
  • Be permanently employed
  • Your salary must be paid directly into your bank account
  • Your last payslip, or proof of income
  • Proof of home address (up to 3 months old)
  • 3 months’ bank statements

12. Mazuma loans

MazumaLoans is a trusted and specialist loan broker that assists people who are in urgent need of cash that have either been previously declined by other banks, have a bad credit record, or who are simply looking for the best loan in the market. Mazuma is having some special arrangements with many different NCR accredited and authorized lenders across South Africa, as well as lenders that may not be easily accessible to the public.

Mazuma loans have helped thousands of people access loans quickly and easily people who need cash receive them in a hurry, irrespective of their past credit history. We provide fast and easy access to Payday Loans, Short Term Loans, Medium Term Loans, and Long term Loans, for any purpose, and all with interest rates and payment terms to match your exact requirements.

13. Hoopla loans

Hoopla Loans is a new-age online loan platform that provides a safe and easy loan matching service for online same-day loans in South Africa. This means that, unlike other websites, they genuinely compare different lenders and then match you to ones who are able to approve your payday loan or personal loan. They also don’t charge any fees whatsoever and we never ever share your information with anyone other than the people processing your loan application. You are able to use your cash advance in South Africa for any purpose, and you’re also able to repay it over a period that suits you.

All the payday loan lenders on their panel are NCR licensed and trade in accordance with industry regulations. Hoopla loans offer same-day payday loans and payday advance loans to people who need extra funds in an emergency.

14. MyMulah

MyMulah specializes in giving you short-term loan financing for those times when your bank account may use a boost. On the day of your next payday, all payments are collected through debit order in a single payment direct from your bank account. They have an annual percentage rate of 38 percent.

The length of the repayment period is determined by the loan terms, with a minimum of one day and a maximum of 90 days. MyMulah is a credit provider with the Better Business Bureau. NCRCP 12668 (NCR No. NCRCP 12668). Your MyMulah Loan might be put into your bank account in as little as 60 seconds after your application is approved.

Where to easily get guaranteed loans no matter what south africa without any fear?

  1. Wait for your own cash from your banker.
  2. Borrow from a friend or family member at a lower rate.
  3. Speak to your employer to pay your salary before the said time.

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