How to make r1000 a day in South Africa online fast and easy

How to make r1000 a day in South Africa online

How to make r1000 a day in south Africa online fast and easy steps to follow.

Making money online is a very difficult process and no wonder people are always on the look for how to make money in South Africa online for free or how to make r100 a day in South Africa.

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But if you are really interested to earn extra income South Africa with no money then this article would not only tell you how to make r1000 daily but also how to make r1500 daily, how to make r100 a day online, and how to make r2000 in a day then take your time to read this article.


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In this article, you will find the most practical ways to make money in South Africa online for free or start a business without any huge capital.

How to make money in South Africa online for free

Making money online can be a fantastic way to supplement your income or perhaps earn a full-time living. There are numerous ways to make money online, and each one has advantages and disadvantages of its own. It can be challenging to choose the best option for you when there are so many available.

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We’ll examine some of the most well-liked ways to make money online in this article and before it ends you would’ve understood very well the concept of how to make money in South Africa online for free.


These days, there are so many ways to earn extra income South Africa with no money, and getting started has never been simpler. There are many methods to make money, whether you want to look into chances in a regular job or are seeking ways to earn extra money working from home.

But we just can not jump straight into how to make money in South Africa online for free without first knowing the qualities you will need to survive whiles doing it profitably.

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The methods listed below will help you earn extra income South Africa with no money online, through applications, and offline.

And fortunately for you, almost all call for little to no upfront money. Scroll down to find out more.

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Earn extra income South Africa with no money

“Need to earn extra income South Africa with no money quickly?” Not millions of rands, but just enough to cover your monthly responsibilities or to make that bothersome creditor stop calling you, are the little capital infusions we’re referring to.

You only need two things to earn extra income South Africa with no money:

  1. Possess a skill that people are willing to pay for.
  2. Do what people are not doing.
  3. Make sure they pay you for it.

How to make money fast in south Africa free.

If you are interested in how to make money fast in south Africa free then know that there are two options involved. You can decide to go with the offline methods or go with how to make money in south Africa online for free.

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So let us start with jobs that can earn you some R5000 a day in online activities by looking at how to make R5000 in a day online activities.

These activities need very little capital to start while some of them need no capital but need more time to become very productive.

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How to make R5000 in a day online

Have a look at the areas that can make you some R5000 a day in online activities below.

  • Start a blog

One of the simplest ways to make money online is to start your own blog. A blog may be a great way to share your views and ideas with the world as well as a great way to generate money. If your blog is popular, you can earn money from it by charging readers to access your content or by renting out space on your website for advertisements.

Blogging is a good way to earn a lot of money over time, even though it will take some time for you to build a reading base. Blogging is fantastic since it’s essentially an extension of who you are. Your interests, competencies, and experiences are those. It’s the ideal approach to benefit people while generating a completely new source of income for yourself if you believe you have a compelling narrative to tell that will allow you to regularly produce material.

How to make money in South Africa online for free

On the other hand, if you develop a blog over time, you could be able to earn $1000. The initial effort may be worthwhile in the long run. The thing about blogging is that it makes it possible to earn significant passive income from things like display adverts and affiliate marketing. If you run a business blog online, for instance, you might be able to make money by inserting an Amazon affiliate link in one of your entries.

  • Sell stuff online

One of the simplest methods to make money online is to sell stuff. Online stores like, online auction sites like eBay, Amazon, and other auction sites are all places where products can be sold. online sales of items. One of the simplest methods to make money online is to sell stuff.

Online stores like, online auction sites like eBay, Amazon, and other auction sites are all places where products can be sold. Online goods sales are a fantastic way to generate income. You will have achieved your r1000 target if you price an item at r20 and sell 50 of them.

To achieve this, you can either identify products that are in high demand and sell them online, or you can sell items that you already have laying around your home. Additionally, a lot of online marketplaces have commission-based opportunities, so you can earn money just by selling goods.

In general, individuals use either Amazon or eBay to achieve this, but if you’re focusing on apparel or vintage items, you may want to consider a more specialized platform like Poshmark or Etsy. Facebook Marketplace is a fantastic online resource, especially if you want to sell your goods locally. You’ll need to concentrate on producing high-quality products, providing excellent customer service, being a skilled marketer, and uploading high-quality product photographs and descriptions if you want to earn an extra r30,000 per month as an Etsy seller.

This is an excellent method to use your creative potential to earn money by working on a project. Sellers earn a lot during holidays and events like Christmas, Easter, Father’s and Mother’s day, Afropunk Johannesburg, Cape Town International Jazz Festival, Afrikaburn, Knysna Oyster Festival.

  • Freelance writing

If you are really interested in making money daily online fast then freelance writing can be a solution. The future of writing is freelancing. Writing for a living as a freelancer might be lucrative.

Even though the work will probably start off being low-paying, you can easily advance to jobs that pay more. And like so many other sources of income in this manual, it’s simple to develop this side business into a successful full-time profession.

If you have never written professionally, don’t be concerned. Writing for books or print media is different than creating content for the web. It is a lot more informal and is based on human experience rather than technical expertise. While there are numerous methods to begin freelancing, the most popular way is to do so by looking for work on a website like Upwork, Fiverr, or direct contact with businesses and offering your services is another fantastic approach to get started.

According to research, freelance writers can earn an average yearly salary of over $70,000. And if you establish a loyal clientele, you could increase your income if you produce compelling material. Another great way to make money is to offer your services as a freelancer. You can offer your services to businesses and individuals, and you can earn a great income by working from home. If you have a skill that others want to use, there are many online platforms that offer opportunities to sell your services.

  • Performing tasks online

You can be making money through online surveys, watching shows, reading emails, and doing other simple tasks to help different companies around the globe conduct market research. For this, there are very apps to achieve it. This is very helpful for anyone who wants to learn how to make r5000 in a day.

  • Start a Youtube channel

You might not have created a YouTube channel with the intention of making money, but once you discover how many chances there are, you’ll be glad you did. YouTube content producers have a variety of options to make money, including selling items and obtaining sponsorships. But a significant portion of the income of many YouTube stars comes from Google advertising.

The YouTube Partner Program allows social media creators to monetize their videos using Google-placed adverts. You must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours over the last 12 months to be eligible to join the program. An influencer need not be an Instagram user to benefit. It makes sense that YouTubers use it as a common method of income.

The benefit of using the influencer approach is that you are exempted from having to give YouTube a portion of your profits. The brand pays you directly after a straight negotiation as an influencer.

Contrary to what many people think, YouTube isn’t just a numbers game. Your earning potential also depends on the niche you target, the amount of interaction you drive, and the income sources you use. When individuals see themselves as full-fledged video creators, they imagine themselves in front of a camera, recording and editing videos with editing software and video managers until their eyes start to bleed.

However, the concept behind this is comparable to what I do with websites, and the economic model is pretty intriguing. You build a channel full of videos centered on a single subject or theme, and when the algorithm ranks or recommends those videos, you profit passively from YouTube ad views.

  • Earn money by playing video games

Numerous internet games genuinely compensate you for playing them. Yes, it may sound improbable and fraudulent, but there are a number of very remarkable websites and applications that enable you to earn money or other forms of compensation by playing games, shopping, doing surveys, dining out, and many other activities.

PayPal Cash, gift cards, local discounts, and points that may be redeemed for a range of items are used to pay participants. To make money playing games, you don’t need to be a famous figure on YouTube or Twitch. You can simply be a regular person who does a side job. If you have a strong grasp of and enthusiasm for a particular game, video game tutoring is a fantastic alternative.

Through tutorials, screen-sharing walkthroughs, and group lessons, you may train other gamers. Wouldn’t it be nice to be compensated for offering your advice, strategies, and tips?

At tournaments supported by the Major League Gaming circuit, the International Dota 2 championship, and Intel Extreme Masters, professional gamers compete from all over the world for millions of dollars. Arenas have been constructed by MLG all around the nation to hold and transmit professional gaming competitions live. To uncover the greatest, untapped players, it even has online communities and scouts.

So you might consider that if you want to know how to make money everyday in South Africa online.

  • Become A Social Media Consultant

You must be skilled with social media software tools, be able to sell your services to companies/brands who need them, and be able to carry out the typical tasks associated with the position (increase brand awareness, drive web traffic, and develop relationships with customers) in order to earn money as a “social media consultant.”

It might be difficult (or perhaps impossible) to employ and train a fully staffed social media team when you operate at a small company with limited resources. However, marketing on social media platforms is frequently easier said than done. The good news is that a business still has options if it lacks the funding to create an internal social media team.

Instead, it can engage a social media consultant to assist it to develop its online presence and boosting traffic to its social media accounts. If you’re starting a solo agency, start with the annual revenue you hope to bring in.

For instance, social media managers in the US make an average of $50,000 a year. If you have years of experience, set your goal a little higher; if you are new to the profession, set it a little lower. Determine how much you must earn each month to achieve that objective. You can then figure out how much per hour to charge your clients. An alternative is to divide your monthly income target by the maximum number of clients you can manage each month.

Even if you’re not billing by the hour, knowing how much you’d like to make for each hour of your time will still enable you to calculate your price. At first, it could be challenging to predict how many hours you’ll put in, but with each project that passes, the estimation will get simpler. (Be sure to factor in the time and work it takes you to prepare for each project, especially if it’s an event like a lecture or training that happens just once.

Sell NFTs

Many artists are considering the notion of creating nonfungible tokens out of their work as a potential means of monetization. By establishing safe ownership of an original digital asset, NFTs enable the sale of art in a digital format and provide access to vibrant, new communities of potential customers.

The most recent cryptocurrency craze to enter the mainstream is NFTs. It makes sense for you to grasp the ins and outs of earning money through NFTs whether you own a small business or are an entrepreneur who produces some sort of digital content. You may have heard of Rob Gronkowski selling NFTs of his finest Super Bowl moments or the 24-year-old artist who made over $300,000 selling her paintings as NFTs.


It’s hardly surprising that NFT gained popularity immediately when this news circulated on social media and more individuals joined the bandwagon. Making and selling NFTs is the most straightforward and efficient way to profit from them. Any digital work, including artwork, photos, movies, memes, properties, etc., may be created and sold using NFTs. If you have a certain level of inventiveness, you can sell all of your works as NFT to get money.

Using sites like Appy Pie, you may construct and sell your own NFT collection and profit from your digital assets. Additionally, you may improve your income by listing your NFTs on other markets like OpenSea, Rarible, etc. for a modest charge. Alternately, one of the greatest ways to profit from an NFT is to make an early investment in potential new collections before their value soars. Many of the greatest NFTs to purchase were first issued at a discount, with their value rising sharply in the days and weeks that followed their release.

The potential for general adoption of some of the greatest utility NFTs is tremendous. It depends on the item, the motivation behind the purchase, and whether or not there is any additional interest in the particular thing. You can discover the answers by quickly searching the web and local stores. An excellent illustration of this is CryptoPunks, which in 2017 cost between $1 and $34. These “Punks” gained enormous value as the NFT craze took off in 2021 since they were the pioneers in the industry. This resulted in these NFTs being bought by famous people and other well-known figures; one punk even sold for $24 million!

How to make r100 a day in South Africa or make r100000 a day in South Africa without the internet.

In this portion would find out some of the best ways to make r100 a day in South Africa without 

  • Pet sitting

One of the finest side businesses for animal lovers is pet sitting. If you reside in a city, it would be simple for you to get many cat or dog sitting jobs each week. Even in smaller cities or the suburbs, individuals still require someone to monitor their dogs while they are away for the summer or on vacation.

Some pet owners would rather have someone care for their furry child than use a kennel or cattery. This might be for a variety of reasons, such as cost savings from hiring a sitter or pet anxiety caused by being away from home.

If you enjoy taking care of animals, getting paid to monitor others’ animals may sound like a fantasy come true. Pet sitters typically charge per pet, per hour, although they can also provide weekly rates or savings for many dogs. It will be quite similar to babysitting, except that you’ll be taking care of a furry buddy rather than a crying, spoilt, or hungry youngster.

They are able to detect those who dislike them. Giving them time is one of the finest methods to establish a connection. The services you select will depend on your preferences and available time. If you love dogs but detest washing them, for example, you may not offer it as a service. You might even provide other services like walking, pet daycare, or overnight pet sitting.

During their absence, you may update and send images to the pet owner, and that may be a plus. Send them a letter informing them if the food supply is running low so they may pick up some on their way home.

  • Become A Photographer Or Videographer

This is neither a list of jobs at random nor a get-rich overnight scheme. Like other artistic endeavors, photography is a creative endeavor that draws people in because they want to accomplish something enjoyable, creative, and valuable.

The reach of photographers who want to make money with their photos has significantly increased thanks to the internet. Take a stroll through your area and strike up casual conversations with company owners about what you do and how you can assist them in bringing in more customers with beautiful photography. Bring a tablet or computer to display your internet portfolio because some individuals prefer to see pictures than words.

As an alternative, you ought to think about selling them on stock websites. These platforms collect millions of images and videos, which they then offer to publications, corporations, and advertising agencies. Every time their work is downloaded, the photographers get compensated. The platform, the kind of licensing, and a number of other variables all affect the cost per download.

The desire for original material is rising. Customers like magazines and newspapers are always seeking fresh material. Thus, you may try to gain money by producing and disseminating travel-related material. This could take the form of images or movies showcasing locations.

Last but not least, a lot of photographers choose to specialize in wedding photography. As a photographer, you may earn a lot of money in this market. And with good cause. There is a tremendous lot of tension, preparation, and labor required. Both the cash rewards and the job satisfaction are excellent. And as matter of fact, you get to share in one of some people’s most joyful days as a photographer.

  • Rent out a room in your home on Airbnb

With a platform like Airbnb, it’s simple to post your property and meet travelers from all over the world, whether you or someone you know has a spare room, a second home, or an apartment to rent out while you’re away.

how to make r5000 in a day

The average monthly income of an Airbnb host is $924, according to research from low-interest lender Earnest. Of course, your revenue will depend on your location, the frequency of your rentals, the standard of your house, and the services you offer. You may personally approve potential visitors when you list for free. Given that certain places do not permit subletting, you should think carefully about the laws and regulations before implementing this plan.

Additionally, you should get the landlord’s approval before attempting to rent out your rented space.

You should also look at rival listings to determine the going rate in your neighborhood before selecting your pricing. Set a time for guests to check in and exit. Make it plain in your guidelines that if they don’t check out by the deadline, they will be charged for each hour they are late or something like that.

When they book, they acknowledge this. Make sure your settings contain a security deposit, such as $500, so that if the worst occurs and you are forced to enact this restriction, Airbnb will have a security deposit to draw from.

  • Print on demand

This kind of eCommerce business can be launched for less than R500, but it can take longer to get going. Some people can create and market products online for free, although it could take some time.

Print on Demand is exactly what it sounds like if you are unfamiliar with the term. It functions as follows: when a consumer orders a design or piece of artwork from your shop, it is printed specifically for the product they have chosen.

If you have the necessary tools, employ effective marketing techniques, and are persistent, print on demand is worthwhile. When you first embark on your PoD adventure, there are a lot of options and pathways to choose from. It may appear to be very overpowering initially.

An internet connection and excellent design abilities are all you need.

Print-on-demand is able to attract many would-be entrepreneurs since there is a low barrier to entry, but the major problem for newcomers is that they don’t fully grasp how to create sales and end up with low-traffic, low-sales POD business. Because of the “saturated market,” it is simple to become discouraged and give up in this situation.

Your chances of financial success will undoubtedly rise if you remain around long enough to test, iterate, and understand the ins and outs of this industry.

  • Drive

Congratulations if you have access to a car that is largely moveable! The largest asset most South Africans own, aside from their homes, is a nice car. Additionally, there are other methods to earn money while driving or using a vehicle! In fact, I’ve witnessed some neighbors attempt to obtain quick cash by selling their cars when they didn’t really need them.

You may make hundreds of rands each month as a side income if you have a car and don’t mind driving it around.

Working for a rideshare app is a terrific way to earn money if you have a clean driving record, are at least 21 years old, and have some free time. The two most well-known services, Uber and Bolt, provide a fantastic method to earn money just by driving. Instead of humans, you could bring food.

Another well-liked alternative for drivers wishing to make some additional money is to deliver food using a specialized app like UberEATS or bolt foods and glover. Although you don’t need to own a car to work as an associate for one of these apps, it makes things much simpler and increases the area that you may deliver to.

There are reputable businesses that will also compensate you for putting adverts on your car. These adverts may occasionally take the form of a straightforward magnetic placard. On your car, other businesses could wish to apply a whole vehicle wrap. You might make up to $450 every month without doing anything out of the ordinary, depending on your location, your location’s climate, and how much of your car is covered.

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  • Enter into farming of food

Food is one thing that we cannot do without. But it might interest you to know that Ghana’s agriculture industry is one of the most competitive in the world.

The country has abundant fruits and vegetable farms and is also a major exporter of barley, maize, oats, sorghum, wheat, potatoes, groundnuts, citrus, and grapes. Poultry and farm animals are also a booming venture. So you can simply make money by entering into any of these areas as a farmer.

And that also adds to your income as a person. However, farming in South Africa is not as simple as you think it is; it requires a lot of planning and hard work to be successful at it but the reward is worth the effort you put into it.

  • Real estate flipping is a lucrative business

It’s not as simple as it looks to understand how to generate money by flipping properties. You must be aware of the value of the refurbished home as well as the expense of selling it.

A real estate investor who flips houses buys a house, makes any necessary improvements, and then sells it for a profit. Purchase a home, make a few minor improvements, resell it, and earn greatly. A half-dozen television programs at any given moment portray attractive, well-groomed investors who make the procedure appear quick, enjoyable, and lucrative. Flipping houses need a lot of effort, skill, and endurance.

Flipping properties, however, may be a potentially profitable short-term real estate investment if you know how to do it.

  • Cleaning homes and offices

You may disagree, but the majority of individuals find cleaning to be uncomfortable and stressful. Starting a cleaning company allows you to capitalize on a sizable market with a sizable customer.

You’ll discover that this kind of house cleaning is more extensive than the standard cleaning you perform at your place. You can, however, charge more for this kind of labor than the minimum wage. Cleaning other people’s homes ought to be worth the money you make.

People who depend on this method have insurance policies to insure them and also to remedy the situation when an item they are cleaning gets damaged.

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When considering opening a cleaning company, you should investigate competing companies in the neighborhood and the services they provide.

What more services can you provide if they are in your industry?

To promote repeat business, you may also consider including incentives in your price structure. Offices, hospitals, schools, retail shops, and other sizable places where businesses are located are cleaned by a commercial cleaning company. Large enterprises that require janitors to maintain everything tidy and clean so that customers may walk around the premises comfortably might use this service.

How to make r100 a day online

To make R100 a day online you should know the skills required in how to make r100 a day online.

Some of these skills are the basic skills you would need as an entrepreneur.

  • Vision
  • Ask questions
  • Passion and energy
  • A work ethic
  • Create an opportunity
  • Communication
  • Sales
  • Time management
  • Creativity

How to make r2000 in a day fast

  1. Become a virtual English teacher
  2. Make crafts
  3. Typing for Cash
  4. YouTube / Podcast
  5. Virtual Assistant

Bonus portion for any student who read this article

How to make money in South Africa as a student

Making money as a student is not an easy task. Because combining your studies with a job is very hard, truth be told. But if you are interested in knowing how to make money in South Africa as a student there are some ways to make some extra cash on the side while studying and here are 8 of them.

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These are the easiest ways to make some extra money while in university or high school.

8 easy ways to make money in South Africa as a student

  1. Earn money playing video games
  2. Work as a Social Media Consultant
  3. Sell NFTs
  4. Start your own blog
  5. Performing tasks online
  6. Start a Youtube channel
  7. Photography
  8. Clean homes and offices

To conclude, you must know that practicing how to make this amount of money  a day in South Africa online takes a lot of time and resources to achieve. You’ll get better the more you practice: It’s only natural that you would make some mistakes and lose money as a novice learning how to make daily online, but don’t give up.

If you have any questions about this article leave them in the comments section below.

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