Loan against my car today

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Loan against my car today with less stress.

Getting a loan against my car has been very difficult.

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This is a marvelous product that really helps you and this type of Loan is extremely risky to us the Lender. Use your car or other vehicles to secure a loan quickly and easily.


See Imatu loans right now

They would quickly assess the asset(s) that you intend to put up as collateral to determine the loan amount available to you.

Why you should pawn your car?

Often a car is one of your most valuable assets. Using a car for loan purposes is a fast, convenient way to unlock its value – without having to sell it.

Pawning a car is an ideal option if you need funds quickly and know that you’ll be in a position to repay the loan and monthly interest over an agreed term.

Where to easily get a loan against my car

You can get a loan that is up to R15 000. These loans are typically paid back within 3 years.

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You can apply for loans from Imatu at their offices or through an app.

Simply fill in the required details on either the app or our website.


Upon approval your funds will be transferred into the account of your choice immediately

Requirements for a loan against my car

  • the original car registration documents, which must be in your name
  • your ID
  • proof of address.

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Need a loan against my car


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