Mortgage max right now

Mortgage max

Mortgage max right now with less stress.

This page will be helpful to you if you’re seeking for information about mortgages because that is its main goal.

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To assist my South African readers who might be interested in their service, I gathered information you never knew about them.

What is Mortgage max?

MortgageMax is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BetterLife Group.

MortgageMax was launched to the market as a licensee model designed to cater for the origination business market and individual home loan consultants seeking to align themselves with an established brand within the mortgage origination industry.

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The aim is to bring you the best home loan service and get you the most affordable mortgage. Their offices are based in Johannesburg but because we offer an online service we can reach everyone in South Africa.

Services offered:

  1. Pre-Approvals
  2. New home loans (conventional properties, vacant land, building loans)
  3. Further bonds
  4. Bonds on unbonded properties

Mortgage max application form

If you want a loan, email them on

Or you still call them for a loan on

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Office: 021 918 8220

Cell: 082 336 6490

Can everyone afford mortgage max personal loan?

Yes, everyone can afford it depending on their criteria.

MortgageMax provides you with the opportunity to utilise the resources of a business partner that can offer you the flexibility you need to grow your independent bond originator business.

Mortgage Max reviews

Mortgage Max is very legitimate company and has been serving the mortgage needs of many families.

They have an interest rate of about 7% which is clearly stated on their social media handles.

Lenders will inform you of the maximum amount you are permitted to borrow or the maximum amount they are willing to extend to you. A lot of online calculators will assess your income and debts and offer answers that are comparable.


The amount you can borrow, however, differs significantly from the amount you can repay without straining your budget for other essential items.

Customers said:

  1. This is great
  2. Thank you for helping with the budgeting factor

There are 4 full-time employees in their office, all of whom have received personal training and have backgrounds in banking or finance.

Mortgage Max Pro Contact number

Phone number:074 0410782 or call 011 803 9820

Email them on

5 Ways to pay your mortgage faster

  • Make biweekly payments.
  • Budget for an extra payment each year.
  • Send extra money for the principal each month.
  • Recast your mortgage.
  • Refinance your mortgage.

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