NatWest Birmingham details, Opening times right now

NatWest Birmingham

NatWest bank in the town of Birmingham details, Opening times right now to guide you.

Are you looking for the NatWest in Birmingham branch?

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This article would give you details about the NatWest in Birmingham branch and should be very helpful to you because it gives many details on that.

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The NatWest branch Birmingham is the branch of the National Westminster Bank in Birmingham.

Services rendered

The services rendered at NatWest branch Birmingham are but are not limited to:

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  1. Cash withdrawal and deposits
  2. Cheque and paying-in books
  3. Personalized customer care and support
  4. Business banking

NatWest Birmingham city centre address

It can be located at 1 St. Phillips Place City Centre, Birmingham.

Postcode: B3 2PT

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NatWest Birmingham Contact address

The NatWest Cambridge phone number is 03457 888444 or you can also try +44 (0) 179 224 4609 if the previous contact does not go through.

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NatWest Birmingham opening times

Monday 9:30am–3:30pm

Tuesday9:30am–3:30 pm

Wednesday10am–3:30 pm

Thursday9:30am–3:30 pm


Does not work on Sundays and Saturday

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NatWest jobs Birmingham

The NatWest jobs Birmingham can be accessed on the bank’s official site. Getting a career at NatWest would help you a lot.

The employees work differently depending on their jobs and needs. From homeworking to job sharing, visit the remote and flexible working page on our website to find out more.

What is NatWest billing zip Birmingham?

The Sort code is 600235.

What time does NatWest bank Birmingham close?

The NatWest branch in Birmingham City Centre branch closes at 4:30 pm on weekdays.

The NatWest branch in Birmingham bank does not strictly work on weekends, you can check our answer on Saturday banking below for more explanations.

What time does the NatWest bank shut in Birmingham?

The NatWest Birmingham City Centre branch in Birmingham gets shut at 4:30 pm on weekdays.

What time NatWest close on a Saturday in Birmingham?

Natwest branch in Birmingham does not operate on Saturdays, according to the official information on the bank’s site.

If you think you might a special service on Saturday it is advisable to call the bank right away.

Where is the NatWest bank in Birmingham city centre?

The Natwest branch in Birmingham can be found at 1 St. Phillips Place City Centre, Birmingham.

You can also checkout their location on google map.

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