Pep paxi store codes across South Africa

Pep paxi store codes

Pep paxi store codes across South Africa right now?

Do you want to know the Pep paxi store code of the store you are sending an item to?

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If the answer is yes then this article has some information about Pep paxi store codes so just stay and read everything here.


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We need the Pep paxi store codes especially when we are receiving items from people.

How to identify the Pep paxi store codes

The Pep paxi store codes can be easily founding the pep paxi website by simply following these procedures.

  1. Step 1: Visit the pep website
  2. Step 2: Click on the store finder in the header menu with the contact us button.
  3. Step 3: Go through the list to find the nearest store.

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Pep paxi tracking

To be able to do the pep paxi tracking you need to have the PEP PAXI Tracking number.

Tracking numbers are numbers assigned to packages when they are shipped.

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Tracking numbers are useful for knowing the location of time-sensitive deliveries. It is a unique ID number or code assigned to a package or parcel.

How the paxi parcel tracking is done

The pep paxi parcel tracking is done by checking the tracking number n a database to see the exact location or transit of your parcel.


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You can simply do this by locating the tracking number sent to you from the sender and type it on the Pep paxi website or via WhatsApp on 060 072 2492.

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Pep paxi store codes list

  1. PEP Cell Picbel Parkade
  2. Shop 79 , Kenilworth Centre, Doncaster Road, Kenilworth
  3. Shop 1, Kensington Shopping
  4. Shop 109, Canal Walk
  5. Shop 1, Ebfin Centre, 23
  6. Shop 105, Kenilworth Centre
  7. PEP Strand Street
  8. Shop 1, Crimson Square
  9. Shop 5-6, Maitland Square
  10. Shop 3001, Grand Central
  11. 1-3 Dreyer Street, Claremont
  12. PEP Cell St Georges Mall
  13. Shop 47-49, Golden Acre, 9
  14. Shop C68, Golden Acre Mall, 9
  15. Shop 2, Cambridge Centre
  16. Shop G51, Howard Centre
  17. Shop 79 , Kenilworth Centre
  18. Shop 24b, Kenilworth Shoping
  19. Shop 5, Maynard Mall, Cnr
  20. Shop 31, Gugulethu Square
  21. 106 Alexandra Street, Parow
  22. Shop 51-52, Nyanga Junction
  23. Shop Fc5, Nyanga Junction
  24. Shop G072, Table Bay Mall
  25. Shop 34, Burgundy Square
  26. Cnr Halt Road & 28th Avenue
  27. Shop 3-5, Hout Bay Shopping
  28. Shop L34-l35, Ottery Centre
  29. Shop L49, Ottery Centre
  30. Shop 17, Charville Shopping Centre
  31. Shop 26 West Coast Village
  32. Shop 1, the Pavilion Shopping Centre
  33. Shop 3, 4 & 5, the Piazza Shopping Centre
  34. 67 Halt Road, Elsies River
  35. Shop 142a, N1 City Mall
  36. Shop 36, N1 City Mall
  37. Shop 113, N1 City Mall
  38. Shop 9-11, Lansdowne Corner Shopping Centre
  39. Shop 68, N1 Value Centre
  40. Bayside Mall, Cnr Blaauwberg & Otto Du Plessis Road
  41. Shop 2 , Checkers Centre, Cnr Cessil & Kenneth Street
  42. Shop 11-13, Goodwood Mall, Cnr Mcdonald & Voortrekker Road
  43. Shop 66, Vangate Mall
  44. Shop 17, Vangate Mall
  45. Shop 5, Shoprite Centre, Vryburger Avenue, Bothasig
  46. Shop 8, Rawoot Centre, Cnr Hazel Road & Klipfontein Road
  47. Cnr Main Road & Maynard Way
  48. Shop 34, Maynard Mall, Cnr Church & Main Street, Wynberg
  49. Shop 8, Langa Junction
  50. Shop 2, Maynard Mall, Cnr Church Street & Main Road, Wetton Rd
  51. Shop 5, Maynard Mall, Cnr Church Street & Main Road, Wetton Rd

These are also the pep store codes for paxi

If you have any questions about the Pep paxi store codes or the pep paxi parcel tracking feel free to ask in the comment section for an answer right away.

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