Pep Paxi: Some secrets you should know

Pep Paxi

Pep paxi: Some secrets you should know before going ahead with it.

If you need any information about Pep Paxi, this article should help you.

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Pep Paxi has been in existence format days now but people do not know a lot of things about them.

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What is Pep Paxi?

Pep is a multinational retail company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Founded in 1965, Pep operated in 11 countries in Southern Africa with the opening of an outlet in Lobito, Angola in November 2008. As of November 2009, the company reported over 1400 stores in operation, with total employment equalling 14,000 employees.

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It also owns and runs the largest clothing factory in southern Africa, where it manufactures much of its clothing.

But Pep PAXI allows consumers, agents, suppliers, and institutions to safely send gifts and goodies to family and friends from one PAXI point to another. It’s also a reliable way to courier documents, or for entrepreneurs to get their products to their customers quickly.

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Express and door-to-door delivery are the main focuses of courier services. Couriers can provide these services using their own vehicles, privately shared vehicles, or public transit.

Delivery services are included, which may involve on-demand pick-up or time-definite delivery, for example.

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Paxi pep

Paxi pep or pep paxi as some may call it are able to deliver a courier service that is more inexpensive than any other courier and counter service by utilizing group capabilities.

Paxi pep or pep paxi has also become the service of choice for entrepreneurs who previously were unable to expand their SME firms owing to a lack of available delivery choices.


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PAXI’s mission is to give clients inexpensive access to a wide range of products and services.

Paxi at pep

Paxi at pep has become a popular term people use to identify the deliveries services used by PEP couriers.

Pep courier is also called PAXI but the phrase Paxi at pep is starting to become very popular.

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Pep Paxi prices

Paxi pep prices vary according to their distances and other immediate factors. Paxi pep prices also depend on the size of the goods you’re sending and the delivery time. But the Paxi pep prices range between R59.95 to R119.95.

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Pep Paxi price STANDARD BAG:450mm x 370mm Max 5kg

  • 7 – 9 business day service:  R59.95
  • 3 – 5 business day service:  R99.95
  • Pep Paxi price LARGE BAG:640mm x 510mm Max 10kg

    • 7 – 9 business day service:  R89.95
    • 3 – 5 business day service: R119.95

People also ask

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How much is Paxi at pep?

Sending a parcel at pep cost between R89.95 to R119.95 but you can check the price here for an estimate.

How much is Pep Paxi?

Pep Paxi price for a small bag and a larger bag differ and also the distance and weight also matter when finding the price. You can check the price here for an estimate.

How much to send parcel at pep?

Sending a parcel at pep cost between R89.95 to R119.95.

Do all PEPS have PAXI?

Yes, all Peps have paxi.In fact, every one of them is paxi store.

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