Rapid loans reviews and details you should know

Rapid loans reviews

Rapid loans reviews and details you should know before going ahead to deal with them.

Getting a loan is not an easy task because of the many bureaucracies involved and this article contains all the details and Rapid loans reviews that many people did not notice.

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The details here would also answer questions that people have about Rapid loans Pty ltd.


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Rapid loans pty ltd

Rapid Loans Pty Ltd is an Australian financial institution that deals in providing personal loans and other transport loans.

Rapid Loans Pty Ltd has the Credit Licence number 388847.

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Ever since 2003, Rapid Loans has been helping people like you get personal loans, car loans and quick business loans in a faster and more straightforward way. To date, we have helped more than 50,000 people across Australia and New Zealand reach their goals, get new cars, launch their businesses, get through bill shock and go on their dream holidays.

Rapid finance Australia

Rapid Finance Australia can provide you alone starting from $2,000 and up to $10,000 with up to 5-year term repayment.

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Rapid Finance Australia provides a variety of financing options to cater for the various borrowing needs, including the following:

  • Personal Loans
  • Pensioner Loans
  • Secured Personal Loans
  • Debt consolidation Loans
  • Small business loans
  • Short term loans
  • Wedding Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Secured Car Loans
  • Boat Loans
  • Motorcycle loans
  • Used car loans
  • Caravan Loans

Rapid loans login

The Rapid loans login will allow you to access your account dashboard.

The Rapid loans login portal will also show your account and allow you to apply for an online loan.

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To access the rapid loans login portal, you need to:

  1. Visit the URL of the webpage.
  2. Type in your Email and password
  3. Click enter or login to access the dashboard.

Rapid loans opening hours

The rapid loans opening hours are not fixed because it operates online 24/7. You can apply for any of the online loans without worrying over the rapid loans opening hours.

The opening hours are the only time the company operates.

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Rapid loans calculator

The rapid loans calculator will help you determine the monthly payments on a loan. Simply enter the loan amount and how often you get paid.

The rapid loans calculator helps you to calculate your borrowing power. You can obtain an estimate of what you could afford to borrow with the rapid loans calculator.

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The interest rates start from 9.75% to 22% while the loan term ranges from 18 months – 60 months.

Rapid loans contact address

The contact details are as follows:

Email address

The email address to forward all your complaints and requests to is:

Rapid loans phone number

The phone number is 1300 727 431

Headquarters: 1924 Gold Coast Highway, Miami, QLD, 4220

P.O Box:429

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Rapid loans online

The Rapid loans online portal contains details about the financial institutions. You can find the contact details, loan products other details that are very relevant to them.

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You can apply for the loans online and then get a call back from one of their representatives to gather details about your loan.


Rapid loans near me

Rapid loans near me contains the list of places where they operate. You can easily get their services if you are near any of these places, and if not then you can easily contact them online through their website and get the loan you need from them as soon as possible!

  1. Melbourne
  2. Perth
  3. Adelaide
  4. Ballarat
  5. Brisbane
  6. Townsville
  7. Wollongong

Rapid loans no credit check

We do not advise people to go in for rapid loans no credit checks in any part of the world.

These loans often come with high-interest rates and lenders do not care about the borrower’s credit score.

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Rapid loans no credit checks are hardly provided by these major banks. These loans are very good for people who need cash for urgent purchases and do not have the luxury of time to wait for the lengthy bureaucracy involved in getting a loan.

Rapid loans bad credit

Rapid loans bad credit is not an advisable option because a bad credit score shows that you are a more risky borrower than someone with a higher credit score. Creditors and lenders demand people who want Rapid loans bad credit get a higher interest rate to compensate for this risk.

A bad credit loan, when used appropriately, can be the start of financial recovery. It should raise your credit score and make you a more appealing borrower in the long run.

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Going in for a long list of lenders isn’t a great answer to the problem. Rapid loans bad credit have higher interest rates than traditional loans, often much more.

Creditors are willing to accept a certain amount of risk. However, if your credit score is too low, you will not get the rapid loans bad credit. With bad credit, you may find that your applications are denied.

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Rapid loans reviews personal

The majority of Rapid loans reviews are positive, giving the company a high rating from consumers who they had worked with. They offer good customer service.

Their interest rate is not very low and is one of the highest as compared to the loans in the same jurisdiction.

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It is good to pay back the loans very early to avoid paying a huge interest rate when you delay.

Rapid loans reviews from Customers

These Rapid loans reviews were found on various online forums.

  1. Made the experience of buying a new car hassle free. Easy steps to follow.
    Customers service was amazing
    Can’t thank you enough..
    I will be happy to use them again in the future..
    6 stars from me from start to finish April 2022
  2. Thank you Andrew for helping me in this financing process, it was nice to carry out this procedure, I recommend it to small businesses, they live up to their name Fast August 2022
  3. The loan was processed quickly and the customer service was excellent! I would recommend them to anyone needing a loan for their business or personal needs August 2022
  4. Worst loan place ever!

People who read Rapid loans reviews also ask

Is rapid loans legit?

Yes, it is a legit company. They have offices in various places to meet their customers. Their loan application also entails a human verification from one of their financial officers wi approves loans.

The loan options are both for short term and long term and the interest rate is from 9.75% to 22% while the loan term ranges from 18 months – 60 months.

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What is a rapid finance loan?

Rapid Finance Australia can provide you alone starting from $2,000 and up to $10,000 with up to 5-year term repayment.

Rapid Finance Australia provides a variety of financing options to cater for the various borrowing needs. The loan options are both for short term and long term and the interest rate is high but manageable if you pay on time every month or before due dates.

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Are rapid loans bad?

Yes, rapid loans are bad. It is not advisable to go for a rapid loan when you are in dire need of cash because very often, the lender charges high-interest rates and fees which make it very difficult for the borrower to repay the borrowed amount on time or at all in some cases.

The borrower has to pay high levels of interest on the loan amount which is very high as compared to other types of personal loans such as secured loans.

Also, the rapid personal loan is unsecured in nature which means that there is no collateral involved and hence the risk of losing the asset.

Is rapid loans direct legit?

Yes, Rapid loans direct is legit. They have offices in various places to meet their customers. Their loan application also entails a human verification from one of their financial officers wi approves loans.

Are rapid loans Ireland legit?

No, they are not legit. On 19 October 2021, Rapid loans Ireland was found in the list of companies that operated in Ireland without any license. They were banned and the Central Bank of Ireland (‘Central Bank’) also has the ur banned and blocked to prevent them from operating ever again.

It is always advisable to check the official Central Bank website to see if the firm is authorized by the Central Bank.

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Rapid loans near me
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