RCS loans reviews you must know right away

RCS loans reviews you must know right away

RCS loans reviews you need to know.

You can get an RCS Personal Loans of up to R150 000 just after meeting their requirement but getting RCS Loans for Blacklisted is very difficult because of the risk and interest rate involved.

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If you want a low-interest rate, you can go with a fixed-rate loan, however, this might not be the best option for you if you need the money to be available quickly.


To know more about how to apply for online loans from RCS, you can check out this article RCS Loans for Blacklisted people fast – RCS Personal Loans which has a lot of details you can use.

Overview of RCS

My personal reviews about RCS loans. The RCS interest rate charged RCS on a loan can also go as higher as 24 percent with a fee.

They provide an easy and effective way to find the cheapest mortgage rates, given the borrower’s financial situation and goals.

Whatever your motive is for needing a loan, RCS loans can assist you. Your current car, which is completely owned and registered in your name, can be used as collateral for a rapid cash loan of any sum between R20,000 and R50,000. It just takes a few minutes to complete the online application since it is so simple. They’ll provide you with all the information you need to begin your loan and sign a contract after it has been authorized (often within one business hour).

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RCS loans is legit. Lemon loans is a legally registered company operating in South Africa.

Their head office can be found at Golf Park 6 Raapenberg Road Mowbray, 7700 in South Africa.


RCS loans reviews from customers

  1. You can only set up this account if you have a mobile phone and a good signal which you need to log in every time, as you are only given a window of a few seconds to type in your security code.
  2. Easy to set up. All went well. Still going smoothly.
  3. Quite a painless experience, no problems.
  4. Good interest, efficient service and knowing you are helping others. Could not ask for more
  5. Great service, easy to deal with and great rates.
  6. Thanks for your professional service and prompt decision on the loan application and approval processes.
  7. Had a great experience with Zopa can’t really fault them they work with and for you rather than against would happily go with them again if I need another loan they just make it easy. On top of that there app is so easy to use
  8. Good but one star removed because Zopa chased for a final payment that had already been sent the previous week. They did not update their records and I did not appreciate emails/text messages/letters telling me I had missed a payment when I had not!

Interest rate

RCS interest rate can be as low as 15%. It is a percentage of the loan amount and is sometimes negotiable by the customer.

When it comes to interest rates, there are a variety of options to choose from. But what is the best interest rate for you?

Loan review

  • Loan amount: Up to R150 000
  • Loan types: Secured loans
  • Loan term: 12 to 60 months

  • Interest rate range: 15% to 24.5%

To unsubscribe from their spammy messages call them on 0861-729727 or 0861-SAY-RCS and let them know.

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