Sanlam itrade: Some facts to know

Sanlam itrade

Sanlam itrade: Some facts to know if you want to start trading on their site.

Sanlam iTrade is Sanlam’s online share trading platform.

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Sanlam iTrade is the online trading platform of Sanlam Private Investments, so advanced in its design and user compatibility, so liberating in its spread of options, that it offers everything you need and more to make successful investment decisions, pro-actively manage your portfolio and trade on the JSE at competitive costs.


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Whether you would like to invest on your own or let our team invest on your behalf, Sanlam iTrade has the products and tools to help you on your investment journey.

How does Sanlam I trade facts work?

For only R50 + VAT every month, you may have access to the most cutting-edge set of features and services available on the Internet.

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If you pay more than R300 in brokerage costs in a month, your monthly expenses are waived. Broking costs start at R75 plus a 0.5 percent brokerage fee (excluding statutory levies and taxes).

Sanlam itrade also provides local JSE stocks and CFDs at low prices, with quick transaction execution on a cutting-edge trading platform with direct market access (DMA).

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Sanlam’s iTrade is part of SPI’s aim to become South Africa’s top private client investment manager and stockbroker, while also complimenting the Sanlam Organization’s goal of being the country’s leading diversified financial services group.

Sanlam itrade facts

There are some 3 things people should know if they wish to use the service to trade or any other business.


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They are as follows

  • Sanlam itrade online

The online trading platform is free to use if only a user is registered. You also enjoy the following benefits if you use their Iress platform.

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  1. Secure, quick internet trading with over 98 percent uptime at very low prices. (Take a look at our prices.)
  2. Iress is a cutting-edge platform that you may tailor to your specific needs.
  3. Trade any item listed on the JSE, including stocks, ETFs, ETNs, and warrants.
  4. Market depth and live pricing (5 best Bids and Offers).
  5. We have Direct Market Access for quick implementation (DMA).
  6. Price notifications for up or down triggers are issued by e-mail or SMS.
  7. Stop-loss orders are used to safeguard your portfolio from abrupt drops in value.

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  • Sanlam itrade login

To login into the Sanlam iTrade you need to visit the Iress platform with a very stable internet connection.

  • Sanlam itrade demo account

While writing this article I could not see the demo account for newbies of learners but they hard an option o on the iress platform that allowed you to learn how to trade.

It also provided many details about trading for beginners and pros alike.

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