Tappily loans: Things to know right now

Tappily loans

Tappily loans fast and easy right now when you need it.

If you are looking for Tappily loans, this post should help you out as this post seeks to provide answers about Tappily.

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You can get a Tappily loan and spend it the way you like.


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What is Tappily?

According to the company website, Tappily gives you ongoing access to an agreed amount of credit that you can draw on at any time – by transferring money to your current account.

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They say they’ve designed their application process to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

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The Tappily dashboard is where you monitor your borrowing, and if you have available credit, you may move money to your current account instantaneously and at any time.

Tappily loans contact details

Telephone number:

How does Tappily work?

At Tappily, they operate as a revolving credit facility and therefore, do not have set repayment days.

However, repayments can be made manually through your Tappily dashboard as well as automatically when money comes into your account.

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Their repayment system operates automatically, so if you have available funds in your current account, a repayment is taken automatically to reduce the outstanding balance and the period of time you pay interest.

When taking an automatic repayment, Tappily loans will always leave you with a buffer above your protection level, so that an automatic repayment will not trigger another credit installment. It also means that automatic repayments will not put your account balance beyond your authorized overdraft limit.

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Representative Example for borrowing: £1,200

Interest: 0.34% per day

for up to 75 days (124% per annum, variable)

Requirements for Tappily loans

  • A UK resident aged 18 or over
  • Have a salary or other regular income of £1000 or more and can demonstrate that you can afford the repayments before applying for the loans from Tappily.

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  • Have a current account with Internet Banking
  • A good credit history
  • Your current account activity
  • Bank account sort code and account number

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  • Debit card details
  • Internet Banking log-in credentials

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Tappily loans reviews

The following reviews were found on some forums where users shared their experiences with Tappily loans.

  1. Highly recommended.Absolutely flawless saviour
  2. Easy to use and helpful.Easy to pay back and doesn’t take long to get into your account.Great service.
  3. As customer service lady confirmed that the max of 150 pound will be deducted each month but must not be every month they deduct 160 pound every month, not what i been promised.
  4. Easy to use, reasonable interest rates
  5. This is a really good service to use . It has helped me over time and so easy to use
  6. I have to say ..hassle free and low intrest rates, make borrowing when needed, a breath of fresh air.
  7. Great service and easy to apply.

  8. Since being with tappily.
    Due to family emergency.
    Excellent customer service,with
    A great understanding of my needs
  9. Excellent service… 5 stars

  10. This service is 100 percent. I could never thank them enough
  11. The process could not be simpler and a marvellous service which has helped me so much recently. I’d honestly recommend it to anyone.
  12. Excellent service, I wish I knew about this service sooner.

    Excellent efficient service! Does not discriminate against credit rating! Saved me so much money on overdraft charges. One of the best services out there for when you need a little bit extra at certain times of the month when your bills are due etc.

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Tappily reviews

  1. Avoid!! I was actually happy with this company until they froze my account saying I wasn’t able to afford repayments but then proceeded to take over £500 out my bank over the space of 5 weeks. They took the money out before I had chance to pay any bills so they have now put me in financial hardship and right before Xmas too 😭 disgusting company I would of happily set up an affordable direct debit to repay but I didn’t even get that option
  2. Be wary of the positive reviews!!
    Yes the money can go into your account easily,but its the repayment that’s the sting in the tail.
    Tappily loans demand access to your account, set a monthly payment, but also use your card to take additional payments anytime money goes into your account. The £20 each of my team deposited into my account for the team Xmas meal, they took it. The £300 that went into my account to buy a christening gift, they took £100 from it. The additional payments do not come with prewarning and they do not refund. In the last 3 weeks they gave taken £100 each week (after I paid the agreed £100 montly payment). They say I could just reborrow the money via online dashboard. Why would I want to increase my balance owed? I have since revoked access to my bank. Stay away if you can.
  3. I cannot explain in words how happy I am to of found this amazing lending company, they are incredible in everything they do, extremely fair with there rates and everything there have to offer, i cannot put in words how happy I am to of found this wonderful company that has helped me and I believe helps many of others, especially at this difficult time.
  4. The tech built into Tappily makes it easy to use and manage, allowing you to stay in control, borrowing just what you need, for no longer than you need it.
  5. Great loan application low interest and easy to use
  6. Tappily is a very different way of borrowing, similar to an overdraft. Tappily is very convenient and allows to be in control of your repayments and borrowing. Although I have not assessed the interest payable v my lending it feels like good value. When payments come into you account Tappily will automatically take a repayment, but you can immediately drawn down against the agreed credit limit to right your account if you have direct debits and need to extend. Generally they will give you 2x your disposable income after all bills and expenditure. It’s most definitely a good way to borrow, just remember it’s a computer algorithm lending to you watching for trends and they can reduce your borrowing level at any time by 20-30% if it feels that you income is lower than previously.
    This has worked well for me, and I would recommend that everyone try it. But its an variable overdraft really, that can be changed at any moment. Beware if you are budgeting over 2 month cycles and don’t have a fixed income.
    All in all 4.5 stars plus thus the 5 star review

Is Tappily secure?

Yes, Tappily is very secured. Tappily is a trading name of Indigo Michael Ltd, 2-6 Boundary Row, London, SE1 8HP. Company Registration Number: 07721420.

Indigo Michael Limited (IML) trading as Tappily is a Lender which provides running account credit facilities. Indigo Michael Limited (IML) is also authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority to engage in the activities of a credit broker.

What kind of loan is Tappily?

Tappily is a direct lender like others but Tappily allows you to borrow at any time and your loan amount is sent immediately into your bank account when you loan is approved.

They are a payday loans lender you can trust.

Does Tappily affect credit score?

Yes, tappily affect your credit score. Tappily also performs a credit check on individuals before they are given any loan.

It is always advisable to back all the loans you take in time inorder to get a good credit score that would allow you access to better loan offers when the need arises.

How long do you have to pay back Tappily?

You can pay back Tappily loans at any time, that is one of the advantages of Tappily loans.

You can also set up an automatic payment with your bank to pay back your loans from Tappily. This is an arrangement with a creditor that allows the creditor to periodically withdraw money from a credit card, checking, or savings account to pay off your loan.

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