Who uses Sedc payment ?

Who uses Sedc payment

Who uses Sedc payment ?

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According to available documents, right Atlanta-based SEDC is a customer information system provider for nearly 250 utility companies nationwide.

The firm’s core product offering is CIS Billing, Accounting, Engineering, and Operations applications that provide its customers with all-in-one solutions to easily maintain general ledgers, run billing and accounts payable functions, payments systems, and statement generation, printing and mailing.

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SEDC also offers support and operations of payment interfaces for its utility customer base. Services range from remittance processing applications, in which SEDC is physically processing paper checks from their utility customers to electronic transactions with credit cards, e-check, and online banking interfaces.

So who uses sedc payment

It might not be clear who uses Sedc payment but we can guess that since they offer support and operations of payment interfaces for its utility customer base their customers use them.

SEDC processes more than 300,000 Check payment transactions every month.

Sedc payment on my credit card

The sedc payment on my credit card shows that your credit card was used for payment of a service and you are being billed for it.

The services of the sedc payment on my credit card may range from remittance processing applications, in which SEDC is physically processing paper checks from their utility customers, to electronic transactions with credit cards, echeck and online banking interfaces

What is sedc payment?

A sedc payment is simply a transaction being processed by sedc.

SEDC is an acronym that stands for Single Entry Documentary Credit and it is used in reference to international trade transactions.


The process is a type of documentary credit and is created by the exporter to provide the importer with the repayment terms.

The system can reduce employee errors, increase transparency, and it improves cash flow management.

How credit card payment or billing works

  1. First, there’s you, the merchant, who ultimately receives the payment.
  2. Second, there’s the cardholder, the customer using a credit card to purchase your good or service.
  3. Third, there is the issuing bank, the financial institution that gave the cardholder the credit card, essentially extending a revolving loan.
  4. Finally, there is the acquiring bank, which is the bank accepting payment and providing credit card processing services on behalf of you, the merchant.

If you use a payment processing service such as Paypal, sometimes called a payment aggregator, the “acquiring bank” is replaced by the third-party payment processing service. This can save some hassles up front, since you don’t need to establish a separate merchant bank account to accept credit card payments through these services.

How sedc billing works

Sedc billings are an essential part of billing for a majority of businesses. Many businesses still rely on very manual processes such as Excel templates, in order to create invoices.

While this might seem like a cost-effective solution, the time wasted in creating your invoices and lack of connectivity between your data can be highly detrimental.

Sedc billing is much more efficient to use solutions that can generate invoices for you. Online invoicing systems automatically ensure that your invoice sequences are correct and that all items are tallied up properly.

And when integrated with platforms like your payment processing or accounting software like Quickbooks, you’ll get more visibility into your business finances.

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